HGH VS Testosterone – What Are the Differences Exactly?

Would you like to increase lean body mass and boost muscle strength and size? If that is the case, you should consider using either the human growth hormone or testosterone supplements. But how to determine which of these two substances are better?

It all comes down to your preference. We consulted scientific evidence to try and help you decide between HGH VS testosterone. Keep reading to learn what we discovered about these compounds!

What Is HGH?

HGH is an abbreviation for the human growth hormone. This polypeptide is made by the pituitary gland, which means the human body produces it naturally. However, its production decreases over time. Additionally, people of all ages might be subject to the deficiency of this hormone. That is why doctors sometimes prescribe GH for treating this deficiency.

The human growth hormone is in charge of boosting cell growth, regeneration, and reproduction. Here is an overview of the scientific research available on the actual topic.

Research Study 1 – Boosting Muscle Mass with the Growth Hormone

It was almost three decades ago when the researchers conducted a trial related to the effectiveness of HGH in treating the growth hormone deficiency. [1] The authors gathered 24 participants who had low levels of this hormone. They agreed to a long-term treatment that lasted six months, and they received a relatively modest dosage of the compound.

The results offered multiple interesting discoveries. The crucial one was that taking HGH can increase both lean tissue and muscle mass. That indicates bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts can use it during the process of recomposing their body appearance. The authors also noted an improved muscle strength among the participants who took the growth hormone.

Research Study 2 – How HGH Affects Body Composition in Elderly Males

Another interesting study from 1991 focused on how the human growth hormone can affect body composition in elderly men. [2] The researchers invited 45 participants who were at least 61 years old at the time. They all exhibited low growth hormone secretion, and the study lasted for 21 months.

The authors administered GH treatment and measured the results after 18 months. They discovered an increase of 6% in lean body mass and an improvement of muscle areas by over 10%. Once the treatment stopped, it took approximately three months to return to baseline results.

Research Study 3 – How Highly-Conditioned Adults React to GH?

The Journal of Applied Psychology published an interesting study in 1988. [3] It focused on the effectiveness of the growth hormone in young and healthy adults. The treatment lasted for six weeks, and the results were encouraging.

Users who combined HGH with optimal nutrition increased their fat-free body mass while decreasing body fat levels. They exhibited a significant improvement compared to the placebo group. The authors also noted that the dose of growth hormone could determine its effectiveness on increasing lean body mass.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is another hormone that the human body naturally produces, and that is where the similarity with HGH lies. Additionally, the production of testosterone decreases over time, which is why fitness enthusiasts are looking to boost this hormone secretion.

While testosterone is primarily known as the male hormone, female organisms also produce it, although their levels of this hormone are up to eight times smaller.

As for men, testosterone is a crucial hormone since it is the main sex hormone. It participates in reproductive tissue development, including prostate and testes. Testosterone also boosts body hair growth and improves bone and muscle mass.

This hormone belongs to the category of anabolic steroids. Here is what the research has to say about its benefits.

Research Study 1 – Transdermal Testosterone Can Improve Muscle and Bone Density in Older Males

Since older men often exhibit low testosterone levels, a study published in the Journal of Gerontology focused on how this hormone affects muscles and bones. [4] The researchers included 44 men that are from 65 to 87 years old in the study and used transdermal testosterone treatment. Testosterone was mixed with vitamin D and calcium, which were also part of the therapy.

The conclusion was that testosterone is capable of boosting lean body mass while decreasing fat levels. Additionally, this hormone showed that it could prevent bone loss. This research also confirmed that transdermal testosterone is a successful method of increasing the levels of this hormone in the human body.

Research Study 2 – Increasing Body Mass While Decreasing Fat Levels

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism published the results of a study that focused on hypogonadal men. [5] The idea was to see how testosterone replacement can help to improve muscle mass in this group.

The conclusion was that using testosterone can boost skeletal muscle mass. It does that by promoting the rate of muscle protein synthesis. The results showed that there was a reduction in body fat levels, while lean body mass increased.

Research Study 3 – Another Proof That Testosterone Can Boost Muscle Strength

A trial conducted in 1996 included 43 adult males. [6] The researchers divided them into four groups. The first one combined working out and consuming testosterone; the second only consumed testosterone, the third one only worked out, and the fourth received placebo treatment.

The study lasted for ten weeks, and the conclusion was that muscle strength and size can improve when combining testosterone with the right exercises. The men who received testosterone without working out had some changes in muscle sizes, but it was not that notable.

HGH VS Testosterone – Which Is Better for You?

If you take a look at things from the perspective of a person working on their fitness goals, it is hard to pronounce a winner between HGH and testosterone. Using both of these compounds might be helpful in achieving your objectives.

For example, the human growth hormone is capable of boosting muscle mass while helping you to get rid of excess fat. The additional production of the GH can only help to experience the potential benefits of this hormone.

As for the testosterone, it is also crucial for the human body, especially since the quantity of this hormone in our organism also drops over time. The important difference is that testosterone is primarily a male hormone. It is in charge of reproductive tissue development, but it can also boost muscle and bone mass. Since it is the main male sex hormone, that explains why it is popular among men.

Ultimately, It is up to you to choose which compound to use, and another thing you need to pick is the desired application method.

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