HGH For Girth & “Widening” Properties Of The Body

For decades, the human growth hormone has been the research topic of numerous studies. Although its production drops over the years, scientists have found a way to overcome that issue. It opened the door to HGH therapy and using this hormone for various purposes.

In this article, we are focusing on using HGH for the girth and widening properties of the body. Let’s see how it can help to take growth to the next level!

What Is Human Growth Hormone?

Before we can proceed, let’s take a moment to get to know the human growth hormone better. According to experts, pituitary bland is the location where this protein forms. [1] From there, it is released into the bloodstream. Multiple hormones produced in the brain, pancreas, and the gastrointestinal tract control the production of the growth hormone.

GH production varies depending on the age and the situation. For example, production rises after completing a demanding training session. It can also increase after waking up or after a trauma. The scientists confirmed that the production of the growth hormone is bigger during the day. It is interesting to note that the production of GH decreases over time. The production is high during childhood and puberty but decreases as you age.

The working process of the growth hormone affects various tissues and functions in the human body. It can boost cartilage and bone growth in children and teens. The growth hormone also helps the production of hormone and fat utilization in people of all ages.

Is Human Growth Hormone Capable of Boosting Muscle Strength?

The main reason why the human growth hormone is so popular in bodybuilding is that it is capable of increasing muscle strength. Thanks to that, you can “widen” your body and improve your appearance. HGH works by boosting the synthesis of collagen in tendons and muscles. Thanks to that, the hormone is capable of improving muscle strength.

A study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology focused on the potential effectiveness of HGH in enhancing muscle size. [2] According to the results, men who were administered human growth hormone showed better results in leg press responsiveness than those who were given a placebo.

The human growth hormone is also capable of boosting vitality and energy. That is important because it can prepare you to tackle demanding training sessions and endure to the end of challenging activities. Thanks to the improved stamina, you will secure better results from every exercise. That ties up to building muscles and improving your appearance.

Accelerated Fracture and Injury Healing

A study published in 2002 focused on recovering from fractured bones. [3] Although rats were the focus of the study, the conclusion was encouraging. The researchers tried applying the human growth factor locally and showed that it is a better option than HGH injections. That could also indicate that transdermal patches could be more efficient than injections in healing from fractures and injuries.

Healing from wounds and injuries is important for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Injuries are what keeps you away from working out and the gym. The faster the recovery, the sooner you will return to your exercise sessions. Thanks to that, you can return to working on developing muscles and increasing their size.

However, you should choose the right way how to use HGH for girth. If you are aiming for top physical shape, it is crucial to exercise regularly. It will ensure that you achieve and maintain optimal weight while working on improving your appearance and “widening” the body.

The human growth hormone will help in multiple ways. Not only will it boost muscle size, but it also promotes weight loss and helps to deal with obesity issues. HGH speeds up lipid breakdown, which is the process of burning fat, also known as lipolysis. [4]

Can HGH help to Grow Penile and Testicular Size?

A study conducted in 1983 focused on using human growth hormone as a therapy for boosting testicular and penile size in boys dealing with the deficiency of this hormone. [5] The research showed that restricted penile growth was related to HGH deficiency. If we are talking about using HGH for girth, this is an indicator that the hormone might be helpful. While it is possible that the HGH treatment helps to boost penile and testicular size, it is believed that growth in this area rarely occurs once a person passes the teen period of their life.

Another interesting study was performed in Germany in 2002. [6] The research focused on assessing the levels of the human growth hormone in different penile conditions. The participants were male that were given visual and tactile stimuli. The results showed that HGH levels were 90% bigger before and while going through an erection. It was followed by a significant drop in HGH. All that indicates that the growth hormone can play a role in achieving an erection. The study indicates this could be a potential remedy for erectile dysfunction.

How to Use Human Growth Hormone for Optimal Results?

You might think that you need injections to administer HGH into your body. Although that is one of the ways of using the human growth hormone, it is hardly the easiest one. It is the reason why many give up on using HGH despite the fact that it comes with a wide range of benefits. What would you say if we tell you that there is an alternative that is both simple and pain-free?

AgeForce designed a unique HGH PowerPatch formula with human growth hormone. It comes in the form of transdermal patches that you apply directly to your skin. The product contains an adhesive, which ensures it sticks to the skin. Each patch contains the desired quantity of the HGH, which makes it easy to monitor the accurate daily dosage.

The unique design of the transdermal patch includes a membrane. It secures a gradual delivery of the hormone into your bloodstream for maximum efficiency and optimal results. The entire process is pain-free and simple, but equally efficient as alternatives.

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