GHRP 6 VS MK 677 – How These Growth Hormones Compare

Are you interested in boosting growth hormone production to achieve your fitness goals? This hormone has multiple potential benefits ranging from boosting muscle mass to accelerating injury healing and helping you get back to exercise sooner.

However, it is important to pick wisely when choosing a suitable product for you. Many people resort to using growth hormone secretagogues, such as GHRP 6 and MK 677. These compounds both focus on boosting growth hormone levels within the human body. We consulted scientific evidence and reviewed both compounds. Here is a detailed GJRP 6 VS MK 677 comparison to help you choose between these substances!

What Is GHRP 6?

GHRP 6 Molecule

GHRP 6 is an abbreviation for the growth hormone-releasing peptide 6. The compound belongs to the group of secretagogues of the human growth hormone. According to a study published in the USA, GHRP 6 is among the most potent peptides when it comes to boosting GH production. [1]

While this compound doesn’t deliver any benefits on its own, its main activity lies in increasing GH secretion. That is what secures a long list of potential benefits for the human organism. Let’s take a look at some of the studies related to this peptide.

Research Study 1 – GHRP 6 Can Be Effective Regardless of the Age and Sex

A study published in Clinical Endocrinology focused on discovering whether sex and age matter when it comes to the effectiveness of GHRP 6. [2] The researchers studied the response of the growth hormone to this peptide. They focused on 37 participants, including 25 adults and 12 children who received various treatments of GHRP 6.

The conclusion was that the responses of the growth hormone were similar regardless of age and sex. Even the females at different menstrual cycle phases had similar levels of GH after taking the treatment.

The researchers pinpoint that GHRP 6 is capable of boosting GH secretion, and its effects are not connected to age or sex in any way.

Research Study 2 – Using GHRP 6 to Prevent Organ Failure

Clinical Science published a study in 2006, and it focused on treating multiple organ failure by using GHRP 6. [3] The research focused on rats and analyzed with different cancer-related issues and animals exhibiting MOF.

The conclusion was that this compound could help treat and prevent GI tract injuries and problems like multiple organ failure. It is interesting to note that GHRP 6 had improved effectiveness when combined with the epidermal growth factor.

Why Is MK 677 Different Than GHRP 6?

MK 677 or ibutamoren is also a growth hormone secretagogue, and that is its similarity to GHRP 6. However, this compound has a different working process. Ibutamoren acts by mimicking ghrelin. Ghrelin is an endogenous hormone whose task is to boost GH production in the human organism. By mimicking its actions, it can increase levels of the growth hormone, but also levels of the IGF-1. MK 677 doesn’t change cortisol levels, and it is well-tolerated overall.

Its benefits are closely tied to the growth hormone, and here is the scientific evidence on that claim.

Research Study 1 – Boosting Exercise Performance with MK 677

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, you want to perform as well as possible during each exercise. According to the results of a study published in 2003 in China, MK 677 can help you to take workout performance to the next level. [4]

The researchers focused on analyzing how ibutamoren affects mice that were put on various endurance tests. The conclusion was that the loading swimming time was considerably increased in rats given MK 677. It is interesting to note that ibutamoren also assisted in promoting body weight and hemoglobin levels in the human body.

Research Study 2 – Assisting with GH Deficiency

A deficiency in the growth hormone could bring an array of problems, such as slow wound and injury healing, and not being able to develop muscles at an optimal rate. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism published in 1997 confirmed that MK 677 is capable of boosting GH levels. [5]

The researchers gathered nine males who had problems with growth hormone deficiency during childhood. The participants received various doses of MK 677 (10 or 50 milligrams) across two periods.

The conclusion was that the lower the levels of the growth hormone at the start of the treatment, the higher effectiveness of ibutamoren. Additionally, the authors indicated that the participants handled the therapy well, which confirms MK 677 is a safe compound.

Research Study 3 – Effects of MK 677 on Body Composition

A trial conducted in 2008 in the United States focused on how ibutamoren can affect body composition in adults. [6] The researchers gathered 65 adults that were at least 60 years old, and the treatment was receiving 25 milligrams of MK 677 daily. A portion of the participants received placebo treatment.

The conclusion was that ibutamoren is capable of boosting GH levels significantly. The results showed an increase in lean body mass without increasing fat. The researchers also noted a boost in bone mineral density. No significant difference was noted in levels of high-density cholesterol levels among the participants. The treatment was well-tolerated, which confirms the safety of the long-term application of MK-677.

GHRP 6 VS MK 677 – Which Is Better for You?    

It is hard to declare the winner of the GHRP 6 VS MK 677 showdown because both compounds are capable of increasing the levels of the growth hormone. They do that in different ways, but these components are known as GH secretagogue.

However, it is interesting to note that MK 677 seems to have attracted more attention from the scientific community. You can find more studies for this compound, and it looks like more users pick it over the potential alternatives. Ibutamoren can help to improve performance during workouts, optimize body composition, and even help if your GH levels are low.

Ultimately, you should go with the substance that you find more suitable or accessible. Ibutamoren can be convenient since it is available in skin patches, which are easy to apply and enable improved absorption.

AgeForce designed a unique formula in its MK 677 patch that features a transdermal release of this compound. That way, you avoid injections and capsules and go with a method that is pain and hassle-free.

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The effects are optimal since the patches have a timed release, which allows your body to use more of ibutamoren per dose.




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