Four Drinks That Will Directly Boost Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is a colorless gas that forms naturally in the body and is significant for a variety of chemical processes. It is a free radical, meaning it has one unpaired electron, and is one of the most significant molecules when it comes to blood vessel health. Naturally, many people have wondered if improving the amount of nitric oxide within their body will increase not only blood vessel health, but also overall wellness. Today, we will talk about four drinks that will directly boost nitric oxide.

Increased nitric oxide intake, as well as the use of related supplements, has actually been shown to have multiple positive effects on the human body. In particular, supplements have been shown to treat erectile dysfunction, muscle soreness, blood pressure, and diabetes. It also improves a human’s performance during exercise.

But what if you don’t want to take supplements and would instead like to boost nitric oxide through regular drinks?

Believe it or not, there is a way for you to do this, although using transdermal patches like the Nitric Oxide Skin Patch is another great way to increase the gas’s presence in your body. To use drinks to raise amounts of nitric oxide in the body, you need to know how to make juices or smoothies. Once you have this process down, here are four drinks that will directly boost nitric oxide without requiring any extra work from you.

Beet Bonanza

Beets are rich in necessary diet nitrates and will help improve nitric oxide. All you have to do is drink some beet juice. While this might be unpleasant, you can always season and spice it up with a little bit of ginger, sugar, and lemon.

Garlic Greens

Leafy greens and garlic both contain a huge amount of nitric oxide, making this smoothie a delicious, if slightly dinner-like, combination for the average individual.

Tropical Fun

This always surprises people, but most citric fruits and pomegranates contain a great amount of nitric oxide, which is great news for you. You can make a variety of tropical fruit juices and smoothies by combining lemons, limes, oranges, pomegranates, and grapefruits into delicious drinks.

Red Wine

Red wine is a surprising addition to this list because you don’t actually have to make this one at home. Studies have shown that red wine appears to boost the amount of nitric oxide present in the body. This is because the wine itself contains a surprising amount of nitric oxide synthase, an enzyme needed for nitric oxide production.

Red wine is one of the four drinks that directly boost nitric oxide.


Why worry about injections or other unnecessary supplements when you can use four drinks that will directly boost nitric oxide naturally with little work from yourself? Plus, all of these ingredients provide good nutrition and won’t irritate preexisting conditions like



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