Everything You Need to Know About TB-500 Dosage

Everything You Need to Know About TB-500 Dosage

TB-500 is a synthetic version of the protein known as thymosin beta-4 that is present in both animal and human cells. It has similar healing features to organic protein. [3] Therefore, TB-500 is essential for individuals interested in optimizing bodybuilding results. It is also helpful in animal racing to assist in improving the performance of animals and reduce the risks of injuries. Studies reveal that TB-500 has beneficial effects on inflammation, wound healing, and flexibility. It influences blood vessel and blood cell development, cell migration, and cellular differentiation.

What is TB-500?

The thymus gland produces thymosin beta-4, and it is found in high concentrations in wound fluids. Therefore, it facilitates the healing process of damaged tissues in the body. TB-500 is a naturally occurring peptide that appears in high concentration in wound fluid, blood platelets, and other tissues. The gene of Thymosin beta-4 gets stimulated first after an injury or accident.

What makes TB-500 different from other repair factors is that it encourages keratinocyte and endothelial migration. Also, it doesn’t attach itself to the extracellular matrix, and its molecular weight is low. Consequently, TB-500 can travel long distances through tissues in your body. The healing effect of TB-500 is evident in the eyes, tendons, heart, ligaments, skin, and muscle. [2] The body naturally produces Thymosin beta-4 in higher than usual concentration when the tissue gets injured or damaged. The peptide is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. The healing features make TB-500 desirable to accomplish the beneficial effects.

A significant part of the healing capability of TB-500 originates from the regulation of actin by peptide, a protein responsible for cell building and healing. An essential mechanism of this synthetic version of thymosin beta-4 is its ability to manage actin. Actin constitutes a considerable percentage of proteins in the human body, making it an essential part of cell movement and structure.

How Does the TB-500 Function?

TB-500 helps in the recovery of injured tissues by exerting the effects of actin. It up-regulates the cellular protein so that it can capitalize on the positive impacts of actin. That entails proliferation and advancement of cell migration. Consequently, there is a regulation of inflammation due to the formation of new blood vessels to optimize healing and recovery. Additionally, the unique molecular structure of TB-500 enables it to travel to other injured tissues easily. It allows it to apply a systemic effect that seeks out and helps the other injured body parts. Other beneficial results of TB-500 include improved flexibility and decreased inflammation. Some reports even indicate that it helps in darkening and regrowing of hair.

Studies reveal that TB-500 offers several similar effects of growth hormone, such as:

  • Increasing hair growth
  • Enhancing endurance
  • Increased production of immune cells
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Increasing strength by growing muscles
  • Growth of new blood cells
  • Reducing inflammation and acute or chronic pain
  • Fastening healing process for wounds

How to Inject TB-500

Medical experts deliver TB-500 through intravenous, subcutaneous, and intramuscular injections. Before using these methods to inject it, the medical experts use a fresh alcohol swab to clean the bottle and the area of injection. It would help if you did this even when injecting TB-500 into your body to reduce the risks of contamination and bacteria. When injecting TB-500 through subcutaneous injections, you pinch the skin area and push the needle through the membrane.

It’s wise to inject the body part near the injured area. Intramuscular injections are more challenging than subcutaneous injections because you have to stab the needle into the muscle located very close to the injured or painful body part. [5] When administering TB-500 through intravenous infusion, you insert the needle directly into a vein, often on the back of the hand, wrist, or elbow. It’s wise to use this method under the supervision of a medical expert.

Recommended TB-500 Dosage

The TB-500 dosage varies based on an array of factors. However, you should avoid using over four to ten mg more than two times a week, especially during the first few weeks of use. After that, your body becomes used to the drug, and you can increase dosage under the supervision of an expert. When it comes to TB-500 dosage, you ought to know the right temperature for storing the drug. The drug can last for close to two years when maintained under the right temperature.

Notably, once your body is accustomed to TB-500, you may not have to take too much of it as regularly. You can take half your TB-500 dosage once a week and once a month subsequently. There is no limit for the optimal dosage for use; you ought to work with an expert to avoid severe adverse effects of the dosage. The dosage often depends on the severity of an injury or the medical concern you are treating.

The other essential part of using the TB-500 dosage is to understand the liquid used to reconstitute the drug. [1] You also need to know how to reconstitute it correctly. You should use sterile bacteriostatic water, plain pure water, or sterile saline for reconstitution. It’s advisable to use an insulin type syringe to reconstitute TB-500. You should pull a milliliter of water into the insulin type syringe and inject it into the un-constituted TB-500. Make sure you slowly inject the liquid so that it slides down the vial’s side.

Benefits of TB-500

The synthetic peptide has an array of benefits that make it perfect for quick healing time and muscle gain. Studies indicate that people who use TB-500 after a heart attack recovers at a faster rate than others. [4] Shorter healing time offered by TB-500 has proven to enhance endurance, restore neurons after brain damage, increase flexibility, and reduce inflammation, spasms and chronic pain.

Side Effects of TB-500

The positive effects of TB-500 are many, including speedy recovery, enhanced flexibility, and healing muscle injuries. A significant side effect of TB-500 is nauseous feeling or lightheadedness after the injection. Also, flu-like symptoms are common among users. Notably, these adverse side effects are rare.


Now that you understand TB-500 and its benefits, you can make an informed decision on whether to start the dosage or not. The recuperative and healing features of TB-500 make it a useful and remarkable peptide. You can use this drug for treating injuries and best results for bodybuilding.

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