Does Higher Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

Talking about penis size can be an unpleasant topic for men, especially if they aren’t satisfied with what they’ve been gifted by nature. Many males resort to various methods to boost penile growth, such as extenders, vacuum pumps, and jelqing exercises.

Does higher testosterone make your penis bigger? That is a question we are asking in this article. We consulted scientific research and reliable sources, and here is what we discovered.

Facts about Penile Growth

The results of a large study that involved 6,200 males were published in 2020. [1] According to that research, it is during puberty when the biggest penile growth is noted. The authors reported that penile growth was gradual after birth, and testes showed significant changes only after entering puberty at the age of 11.

The researchers pinpointed that peak growth occurred when the participants were between 12 to 16 years old. The growth rate deteriorated later, but it depended on a specific male. The authors only focused on men that are up to 19 years old. Although the growth rate might vary and is not that noticeable after that, there is no evidence that boosting penile size is impossible. If you resort to the right methods and promote growth, you can increase the odds of getting the desired results.

Research Study 1 – Can Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

A study published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery in 2003 focused on treating microphallic hypospadias with testosterone. [2] The idea was to compare the systemic and topical application of this therapy and its effects on penile growth.

The researchers gathered 26 patients with a small penis and hypospadias, and the participants were divided into two groups. The first one received topical testosterone in doses of about two milligrams per kilogram weekly. The second group received an intramuscular injection of this hormone. Both treatments lasted for three weeks.

The second group exhibited a more noticeable increase in penis size. It is interesting to note that the authors noticed the biggest response in the third week of the treatment. More than 50% of patients in each group had an increase of at least 50% compared to the original penile size. The intramuscular injections of testosterone ensured penile growth in 75% of the participants from that group, while the topical application had the results of a 60% increase. That indicates both methods can be successful. The crucial thing to note is that testosterone doses remain within the recommended range.

Research Study 2 – Do Androgen Receptors Play a Part in Boosting Penile Size?

The research published in the Journal of Urology in 1997 came to some interesting findings. [3] The authors used 15 normal human fetal penises that were approximately 7 to 19 weeks of gestation. They administered the specimens of these penises to host mice or rats. The animals who were chosen for hosting received various testosterone levels as the way of preparing them for the study.

The entire study lasted six weeks, and it is interesting to note that human specimens showed an improvement in growth rate. Cellular density was bigger for up to two times or more.

The conclusion was that testosterone is capable of affecting penile growth. However, the authors also indicated that androgen receptor modulation might not have anything to do with boosting penile size.

Research Study 3 – Focus on Topical Testosterone

It is interesting to note that the scientists were aware of the possible effect of testosterone on penile growth more than four decades ago. It was in 1975 when the results of a small study appeared in Urology. [4] The researchers only focused on three males that were in pre-puberty, but the results are encouraging.

These patients received a topical application cream that contained testosterone. The conclusion was that all three had noticeable penile growth. The researchers revealed that serum testosterone increased considerably in two participants. That led them to conclude that it is the systemic action of testosterone that boosts penile growth.

Research Study 4 – Three Weeks of Applying Testosterone Cream

Another study conducted in 1980 focused on the effects of topical application of testosterone and its potential to boost penile size. [5] The researchers analyzed the effects of applying this cream for three weeks, and the study gathered five participants exhibiting microphalus.

The authors took a different approach with one of the five boys – they asked him to apply the cream to the right axilla rather than directly on the penis. The levels of serum testosterone gradually increased to expected levels in adult males. The conclusion was that the systemic action of testosterone is what promotes penile growth.

Research Study 5 – Can You Use Testosterone Combined with Other Treatments?

A study published in 2018 in Endocrine Connections focused on the effect of combining testosterone and growth hormone treatments on micropenis issues. [6] The focus of the study were rats, but although this was an animal study, the results are encouraging.

The idea was to consider growth hormone therapy with and without testosterone. The researchers used 50 rats that were divided into multiple groups. The authors administered growth hormone or its combination with testosterone until the rats became 12 weeks old.

The conclusion was that a combination of treatment contributed to the total restoration of the penis. At the same time, treatments with a single compound didn’t show any noticeable results.

Final Thoughts

Here are the key takeaways from scientific research – the first one is that testosterone levels are capable of promoting penile growth. You will find numerous studies that support this claim. Another important conclusion is that testosterone has systemic mechanisms of influencing penile size. That indicates it doesn’t matter how you consume this hormone, which means you can apply it topically, or by using an alternative method.

Finally, most studies focus on children because penile growth is most considerable in pre-puberty and puberty. Although the growth rate might decrease after that, we didn’t find a study that claims it is impossible to boost penile size in adulthood. The important thing to mention is that you should use the right dose and high-quality testosterone product and focus on long-term results.




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