Creatine VS HGH – How These Muscle Builders Compare

Even if you are only a fitness enthusiast, you probably heard of both creatine and human growth hormone. They are both used by bodybuilders, athletes, and amateurs to achieve their dream body composition and shorten the time required to complete fitness goals.

Have you ever wondered which muscle builder is a better choice? We gathered essential information and scientific evidence for both compounds. Here are the results of the creatine VS HGH comparison!

What You Should Know About Creatine

Creatine is an organic substance that the human body makes from methionine, glycine, and arginine, which are all amino acids. [1] You can also consume creatine from foods, and the primary source is foods rich in protein, such as meat and fish.

The majority of creatine goes into the muscles, but you can also find it in the retina, brain, and other tissues. Fitness enthusiasts see creatine as critical since it participates in ATP production, which is how it boosts energy levels.

Let’s take a look at what the science has to say regarding this compound and its capability on helping you to develop muscles quickly.

Research Study 1 – Creatine Boosts Fat-Free Mass

According to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise in 2000, acute creatine is capable of helping users to boost their fat-free mass. [2] The study gathered 30 participants, including 15 males and 15 females. The researchers used handgrip strength, blood pressure, and other tests to determine the results.

The conclusion was that acute creatine administration could lead to an increase in both total and fat-free body mass. The authors pinpoint that the participants didn’t have their fat levels changed significantly. Additionally, blood pressure remained at around the same levels.

Research Study 2 – Creatine and Exercise Performance

An intriguing article published in 1998 discussed the effects that creatine could have on exercise performance. [3] The study doesn’t confirm that using a supplement that contains creatine can improve workout performance in the short term.

However, the authors agree that you could benefit from increased body mass if you combine creatine with training. Furthermore, this compound can promote the growth rate of lean body mass. At the same time, the researchers confirm that using creatine for up to eight weeks is safe.

Research Study 3 – Creatine Can Boost HGH Production

We found an interesting study conducted in 2000 in Japan. [4] It discusses whether creatine is capable of boosting the growth hormone secretion.

The researchers invited six male adults to participate in the study. They both agreed to receive a control treatment or 20 grams of creatine, which is the recommended single dose of this compound. The results indicated that the participants who received creatine had higher levels of the growth hormone.

The maximum concentration was from two to six hours from the moment of ingestion. The conclusion was that creatine could replicate the results of intense training, which also boosts growth hormone production.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Basics

HGH is the form of growth hormone found specifically in humans. It is the pituitary gland that makes this hormone and then releases it into the bloodstream.

The human growth hormone participates in a wide range of processes, including promoting cell regeneration, reproduction, and overall growth throughout the body. Medical professionals sometimes resort to prescribing GH treatment, especially for treating growth hormone deficiency.

Here is an overview of what the studies have to say regarding HGH.

Research Study 1 – The Role of Growth Hormone in Fracture Healing

Human growth hormone can play a helpful role in the recovery process. That includes speeding up injury healing, but also accelerating recovery from fractures. A study published in 2009 focused on analyzing how GH can affect fracture healing in rats. [5]

The research lasted for 40 days from the moment of fracturing, and rats received different doses of growth hormone varying from 0 to 10 milligrams per kilogram. According to test results, the load sustained and energy absorption at that load both increased. The authors indicated that the effectiveness of the growth hormone could depend on the dose.

Research Study 2 – Treating GH Deficiency

The medicine recognizes growth hormone injections as a potential method of treating the deficiency of this hormone. A trial published in 1999 in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism focused on using HGH therapy in treating this hormone’s deficiency. [6]

The study focused on 28 males with a deficiency, and the results showed that the quadriceps mass increased. The researchers confirmed that growth hormone treatment could help to increase muscle mass, especially in adults dealing with GH deficiency.

Research Study 3 – Multiple Potential Effects of the Human Growth Hormone

The results of a trial that involved 254 patients were published in 1991. [7] The study gathered 24 adult participants, who had problems with the deficiency of the growth hormone. They were administered 0.07 units per kilogram of GH for six months.

The researchers had multiple conclusions based on this study. The first one is that growth hormone treatment can boost skeletal muscle mass and lean tissue. Based on that, the authors suggest that HGH can play a role in readjusting the body composition of the users. The researchers also noted that there was an improvement in limb-girdle muscle strength after the treatment. Although they admit larger studies might be necessary, the results of this research are encouraging.

Creatine VS HGH – Which is Better for You?

Ultimately, both creatine and human growth hormone might contribute to your fitness goals. Creatine occurs naturally in the human body, which is why it might help in multiple processes. Among other things, the researchers indicate that it can enhance exercise performance and increase fat-free mass.

It is interesting to note that creatine can lead to increased production of the human growth hormone, which is where these two substances overlap. HGH, on the other hand, seems more powerful in delivering the results you want. Since this hormone is capable of boosting lean muscle mass while shortening injury recovery, it looks like exactly what fitness enthusiasts need.

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