HGH Belly and Treatment Options

Causes of HGH Belly and Treatment Options

If you have been following professional bodybuilding, you might have realized the recent trend of stomach distention in bodybuilders. The trend has been in existence for the last five years. Many fans have been wondering the cause of the HGH gut or insulin gut, even though bodybuilders have very low body fat.

HGH Belly

A protruding belly, also known as steroid belly is common in modern bodybuilding. Some bodybuilders may appear pregnant due to the misuse of the human growth hormone and insulin. [3] However, some internal body changes are linked to the enormous abdomen. HGH belly is popularly known as palumboism, which occurs when the abdomen side muscles, also known as oblique muscles thicken and prevent bodybuilders from holding their stomach. Studies reveal that HGH belly results from a combination of insulin use, using human growth hormone, and high carbohydrate and calorie diet.

One of the common causes of HGH gut in bodybuilders is the abnormal growth of abdominal muscles due to poor digestion. Therefore, bodybuilders ought to pay attention to healthy eating, how to use medications correctly, and body training. Bodybuilders attain their muscles by using several drugs, which is wrong. The HGH belly is evidence enough of the effects of taking large doses of human growth hormone and other drugs.

Who Does HGH Belly Affect?

The specific pathophysiology of human growth hormone belly is not clearly understood. However, medical professionals believe that it results from hypersensitivity to the human growth hormone. Growth hormone affects your entire body, and not just the development of muscles. Because of its multi-organ effect, the human growth hormone causes organomegaly of visceral organs that are essential in abdomen enlargement. [1] The rectus and oblique abdominus muscles of your abdomen become more significant to the extent that bodybuilders appear pregnant.

Besides exercise and diet, a significant part of bodybuilding is learning how to manage drugs. Massive abs make it difficult for bodybuilders to maintain a small waist, and bodybuilders these days are more massive than in the past years. Slow digestion can cause gut distension, and it happens when bodybuilders use carb-load and diuretics when dehydrated. [2]

What is the Effect of Growth Hormone on HGH Belly?

When a bodybuilder gets a bubble gut as a result of misusing human growth hormone, the condition extends for some time, especially with continued abuse. The belly protrudes further until the person cycles off the misused substance. Thus, allowing the body to return to a partially or wholly distinct look. If the individual with a distended stomach continues to misuse human growth hormone for years, the result is a permanently protruding stomach. It makes them appear pregnant regardless of gender.

Treatment of HGH Belly

There are no clinical recommendations on treating HGH belly. However, logic suggests that you give your body a rest from the use of hormones, such as human growth hormone. Give your body enough rest from insulin and steroids. After that, it would be best if you visited a physician specializing in muscular conditions. Your doctor might prescribe medications or therapy after a body examination.

Bodybuilders struggling with HGH belly can try intermittent fasting when cutting to get rid of the belly. The method is an effective way of cutting calories for fat and weight loss, while not losing focus of muscle building and toning. [4] You can time intermittent fasting correctly to make sure that the amount of food in your digestive system is low. Therefore, it helps in stomach distension while maintaining high-quality physique during a competition.

Causes of HGH Belly

  1. Abuse of Human Growth Hormone

Some athletes and bodybuilders use incredibly high doses of human growth hormone of about five milligrams per day. The excessive use of the human growth hormone has side effects on your body, such as excessive growth of specific body tissues like the intestines. When your intestines are larger than the usual, your abdomen bulges up to close to twice its standard size, especially after eating food.

  1. Insulin Abuse

Many bodybuilders combine substances, such as insulin and human growth hormone. They refer to this practice as stacking. The use of insulin alongside human growth hormone leads to an increase in fat storage behind the stomach, also referred to as visceral fat. [5] The stored fat is a primary contributor of HGH belly.

  1. Increased Muscle Mass in Abdomen

Muscle mass increases incredibly upon using human growth hormone and insulin drugs alongside supplements and diets containing exceptionally high protein amounts. Consequently, the mass in the rectus abdominis, also called six-pack, increases, as well as the muscles lying beneath the abdomen. Therefore, the entire midsection grows and protrudes, causing HGH belly.

  1. High-Calorie Diets

All bodybuilders have a strict high-calorie diet, where some have an intake of over 10,000 calories daily. The too-high consumption of calories means that these bodybuilders take a high volume of food that remains in the stomach for a long time. Consequently, it causes gut distension.

  1. High Carbohydrates Diets

Foods with high amounts of carbohydrates increase the amount of glycogen that your muscles stores. Therefore, the rate of water retention is increased because glycogen attracts water. Increased water retention and increased intake of carbohydrate-rich foods lead to muscle gut by giving bodybuilders a bloated appearance.

Other Potential Effects of HGH Misuse

Mild to almost fatal consequences result from misusing human growth hormone. You can reverse some of the effects, while others are permanent. Thus, bodybuilders, as stated above, ought to pay attention to the correct human growth hormone dosages to avoid these consequences:

  • Skin problems, such as jaundice and cysts
  • Hormonal system concerns, such as decreased sperm count
  • Liver problems
  • Cardiovascular system concerns, such as stroke, high blood pressure, artery damage, and heart attack
  • Psychiatric problems, such as delusions


People use growth hormone injections for disorders or medical conditions without developing severe side effects. HGH belly seen in bodybuilders is due to the misuse of human growth hormone and testosterone. Bodybuilders can get back into shape and get rid of the HGH belly when they avoid using human growth hormone injections or supplements for some time.

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