BPC-157 Benefits & Uses – The Complete Guide

Justin is looking to improve his overall health. He has a troublesome digestive system, though he has not been diagnosed with any inflammatory bowel diseases. He also works in construction, so he often gets cuts and bruises, as well as sore muscles. Justin is hoping to find anything that could help him heal better and faster. When looking online, Justin finds out about BPC-157. He has never heard of this peptide before, yet he sees many people discussing how much it has changed their lives.

While BPC-157 is growing in popularity in athletic circles, many people have still never heard of this remarkable peptide. It has a number of valuable benefits for many parts of the body. This article will introduce you to the basics of this peptide, its history, how it works, and how to use it to relieve your symptoms and repair your body.

BPC-157 Overview

BPC-157 is a peptide or chain composed of 15 amino acids. It is a peptide that is available in supplement form. What makes it unique from other peptides is that it is a gastrointestinal protective protein extraction. This means that it helps protect the digestive tract. It is often nicknamed “Body Protective Compound” as a result.

Currently, BPC-157 has been most used in animal studies. Researchers have conducted short-term clinical trials in humans. But long-term trials still need to take place to establish evidence of the peptide’s benefits. However, many of these current studies show that this peptide has benefits for other parts of the body besides the gastrointestinal tract. Research indicates that BPC-157 may help reduce the size of ulcers and heal any damage to intestinal walls. It may also repair the damage to bones and joints, and help relieve symptoms of various inflammatory bowel diseases. It has shown indications of healing damaged organs, as well as contributing to the overall brain health.

More research is needed to make sure that BPC-157 can heal various parts of the human body. However, the current evidence that exists does show that BPC-157 affects angiogenesis positively. This is the process that develops the body’s blood vessels and helps heal tissue damage. When considering this peptide for yourself, be sure to keep all these factors in mind.

How BPC-157 Works

BPC-157 has been researched since 1991. As research progresses, even more benefits of this peptide are being discovered. So far, research indicates that BPC-157 can help heal damaged muscles, tendons, intestines, bones, and teeth. It also helps repair damage done by NSAIDs to the digestive tract, a serious worry for many. Some trials have used injected BPC-157, whether under the skin or into muscle tissue.

BPC-157 helps heal wounds as it interacts with the Nitric Oxide system. The peptide builds up blood vessels and protects endothelial tissues. It also targets the genes that form collagen. It can heal short bowel syndrome. It may also ease other conditions causing diarrhea, bowel inflammation, gut pain, and constipation. These conditions are often difficult to treat and can even cause far more serious conditions if allowed to progress. BPC-157’s role in healing these conditions could play an important part in preventing complications down the road.

Side Effects

So far, there are no established side effects from using BPC-157. So far, indications are that BPC-157 is safe for human use. Some people have reported mild sickness and nausea. This is generally held to be the body getting used to the peptide. Mild reactions like nausea tend to happen with higher doses and generally last only a few hours. These symptoms are much less common with lower doses. Often, those experiencing side effects can lower their dosage and the side effects dissipate. Once the body adjusts to the dosage, it may be possible to increase doses over time to avoid nausea.

How to Dose BPC-157

Research done up to this point indicates that a single daily dosage between 1-10 mcg per kilogram of body weight is enough. Depending on your body weight, this means taking anywhere between 200-800 mcg on a daily basis. Many say that they receive the best results when taking between 500-700 mcg total. This may be once daily or added up through many doses each day. Like many supplements and nutrients, there is no single magic dosage of BPC-157. Instead, different individuals will experience different results. This means you may have to engage in some experimentation to find the dosage that works best for you. But it is likely that you will fall somewhere in the middle of the 200-800 mcg range.

Ways to Use BPC-157

BPC-157 has a systemic effect on the body and there are multiple ways to use it.

One method of using BPC-157 is via injection. If injecting BPC-157, the least uncomfortable and easiest method is subcutaneous. The closer the injection is to an injury or source of pain, the more effective it is likely to be. BPC-157 can also be injected intramuscularly (directly into muscle tissue). This tends to be much more painful than subcutaneous injections but does allow the peptide to begin working more quickly. If using injections, be sure to always use an alcohol swab to clean the skin and only use syringes and needles once before disposing of them.

Many people are unwilling or unable to inject themselves with BPC-157 for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, the peptide can also be administered orally using a spray. It is recommended to hold the spray inside your mouth for one to two minutes before swallowing.

Finally, BPC-157 can also be taken in the form of skin patches. Patches are simply put on the skin and left in place throughout normal daily activities. This is perhaps the most convenient method for many people and allows the body to absorb dosages over extended periods of time.


At this point, you may be wondering why you have not heard much about BPC-157 before now. This is partly because the peptide cannot be patented, so pharmaceutical companies are less interested in making it. Since it is not being marketed, many doctors are unaware of its existence. As well, BPC-157 is not regulated by the FDA, so it is not technically allowed to be sold for use by people. Regardless, BPC-157 is a natural gastric juice peptide and research shows it has many benefits. This would make sense, as the peptide is already being produced to some degree by the human body.

So far, sports governing bodies such as USADA and WADA have not yet banned the use of BPC-157. Unless this changes, athletes can take BPC-157 to take advantage of its many beneficial properties. However, the lack of long-term human studies using BPC-157 means that these governing bodies may prohibit it sometime in the future.

In any case, BPC-157 is quite safe to use and currently has no established side effects from short-term clinical trials. If you suffer from certain conditions, consider it as a supplementary treatment to the medical care you are already receiving. Make sure to consult with your doctor and keep them updated on any supplements you take, including BPC-157. Doctors can best treat patients when they have a full medical history, even if certain factors seem inconsequential.

Justin’s Solution

After reading about its numerous potential benefits, Justin decides to try BPC-157. As a result, after a few weeks, he notices that his digestive tract is calmer after his meals. He has also been less sore after long, hard work hours. He is also happy to know that, since he takes NSAIDs for pain relief, BPC-157 may be helping prevent them from causing any damage. Justin is glad he found out about BPC-157 and tells some of his coworkers how well it has worked for his muscular health.

Where Can I Buy BPC-157?

Currently, the easiest way to get BPC-157 is from one of the many online retailers that offer the peptide. Make sure to do some checking to see that the retailers are reputable. It is not yet known which form of this peptide is most effective (oral, injection, or skin patch). While BPC-157 has so far proven to be quite safe, it is still the case that anyone using the peptide is doing so independent of mainstream medical advice.

AgeForce BPC-157 Skin Patches

AgeForce BPC-157 skin patches offer you the healing power of BPC-157 in the convenience of a patch. With our skin patch, there is no need for injections or flavored oral sprays. Just put the AgeForce BPC-157 skin patch on and go about your daily routine. The patch releases a daily dose of 500 mcg throughout the day, giving you the advantages of a slow release and a sizable dosage.



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