BPC 157 VS TB 500 Benefits & Differences Compared

Are you looking to accelerate injury recovery and boost cell growth by adding a powerful supplement to your nutrition? If the choice is down to BPC 157 and TB 500, it might be difficult to decide. These two compounds share many similarities, but they also have differences.

In this article, we are focusing on the BPC 157 VS TB 500 roundup. Here is what you should know about both substances and how to choose a suitable one for your needs!

Are BPC 157 and TB 500 Produced Naturally in the Human Body?

Yes, the human body produces both of these compounds. The letters BPC in BPC 157 stand for a body protective compound. The substance is a pentadecapeptide, which is a short-chain with a sequence of 15 amino acids. BPC 157 is a gastric juice, which is why many focus on its benefits on gut healing and balance. [1]

TB 500 is a protein made in a gland called the thymus. [2] It is the part of the body where the immune system cells form and grow. The primary purpose of the thymus is to ensure an immune response to foreign body invaders. The thymus produces a substance called Thymosin Beta-4. TB 500 is the synthetic version of that compound. That makes it easier to make and more affordable.

What Are the Benefits of BPC 157?

First, let’s get a quick overview of the advantages provided by BPC 157:

  • Promotes gut balance and healing
  • Helps to heal damage to intestinal walls
  • Assists in injury recovery and healing damaged organs
  • Helps to repair damage to joints and bones
  • Supports brain health
  • Boosts new blood vessel formation and cell growth

BPC 157 speeds up wound healing and tissue repair. It manages to achieve that by activating angiogenesis. [3] It is a process of forming new blood vessels, and BPC 157 uses VEGF protein to activate it. These blood vessels accelerate the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the injured or wounded parts of the body. That is how they speed up the recovery process.

This pentadecapeptide is capable of helping to manage arthritis symptoms and heal joints and bones. A study conducted in 2014 showed that BPC 157 is capable of counteracting osteoarthritis of the knee. [4] Although the research was done on rats, the results are encouraging.

Another study performed in 1999 indicates that this peptide has an osteogenic effect. The results showed that it could assist in healing segmental bone defects in rabbits. [5] The substance can help to accelerate the process of healing from fractured bones. In 2018, another research conducted on rats showed that BPC 157 could promote tendon-muscle junction healing. [6]

When it comes to promoting gut healing and balance, BPC 157 is capable of helping with various issues. If you are having problems with acid reflux, this peptide can assist by elevating pressure in the lower esophageal sphincter. [7] According to experts, that helps to manage acid reflux.

Chronic conditions like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease can be tough to manage and handle. Stomach pain, diarrhea, and other issues are common for these conditions. The scientists performed a study on rats with colitis, and the results indicated that BPC 157 could be a potential treatment. [8] The compound helps to heal the intestinal wall while reducing ulcer size. Since lesions are a common problem when dealing with Crohn’s disease, this peptide can provide significant assistance in managing it.

BPC 157 can also have a positive effect on the mood by working on increasing dopamine levels. The compound interacts with the dopamine system and can help to mitigate the disturbances caused by neuroleptics and drug abuse. Thanks to that, the compound might be helpful in managing anhedonia and other symptoms related to depression.

What Are the Benefits of TB 500?

Here is an overview of the potential benefits delivered by TB 500:

  • Accelerated tissue repair and healing
  • Improving endurance
  • Enhanced muscle growth
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Boosts new blood vessel formation and cell growth

As you can see, there are many similarities with BC 157, as well as the human growth hormone. It is interesting to note that TB 500 used to be applied to horses. [9] Since the results were encouraging, applications on other mammals, including humans, started.

You can find numerous studies that confirm Thymosin Beta-4 can accelerate wound healing. [10] That can be particularly helpful for athletes who are going through injury recovery. They can speed up the healing process and assist in getting back into training as soon as possible.

TB 500 also has anti-inflammatory characteristics. A study published in 2018 showed that Thymosin Beta-4 plays a role in the central nervous system with its anti-inflammatory properties. [11] Thanks to that feature, this compound serves as a potential treatment of progressive neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s.

A study performed in 2010 focused on incisional wounds in rats and the capability of Thymosin Beta-4 to accelerate the repair process. [12] The research showed that the compound could accelerate the recovery process while ensuring minimal scarring left after the injury. The substance can organize connective tissue and prevent myofibroblasts from showing.

How to Use BPC 157 and TB 500?

BPC 157 and TB 500 are available as supplements. Bodybuilders and those who are looking to boost physical shape often take advantage of these compounds. However, they can also be beneficial for overall injury recovery and wound healing, as well as managing symptoms in many acute and chronic conditions.

These supplements are available as injections and transdermal patches. Injections are inconvenient, especially if you don’t have experience with this administering method. That is why AgeForce designed transdermal patches that are easy to use.

Transdermal drug delivery is an efficient method of increasing the absorption of the substance and its efficiency. The patches are pain-free, easy to apply and secure a gradual release of the product. Transdermal patches are available for both BPC 157 and TB 500. The only thing to determine is which of these supplements works better for you!

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