BPC 157 for Anhedonia & Ability to Feel Pleasure

Have you ever felt uninterested in an activity that usually gives you pleasure? It is normal for that to happen occasionally, but what if it becomes a frequent problem? What if it is difficult to feel pleasure even when doing things that you like?

In this article, we are focusing on the correlation between BPC 157 and anhedonia. You will learn more about this condition and whether this peptide can assist in dealing with it.

What Is Anhedonia?

Anhedonia is a name used to describe a condition where there is an obvious loss of interest in various activities. [1] The common trait of these activities is that they used to make the person happy. Anhedonia might be a sign of depression, but that is not necessarily the case.

We can divide anhedonia into two different categories – physical and social. The main symptoms of physical anhedonia are reduced need for physical intimacy or interest in it.  The loss of libido commonly follows that condition. Frequent sickness or other types of physical problems are another sign of physical anhedonia.

When it comes to social anhedonia, withdrawal from social interactions is the main indication of this condition. It might also manifest as difficult to adjust to particular social situations, whether they involve being at parties or visiting other social gatherings.

Anhedonia involves a lack of emotions. It could be you are unable to react to a major event, such as your friend getting married. Many people with anhedonia tend to show fake emotions, and they might fake being happy or acting appropriately in social situations.

What Causes Anhedonia?

Various reasons could be behind anhedonia. [2] It could be a depression symptom, which is why it is important to take it seriously. It is vital to note that anhedonia doesn’t have to be related to a mental health disorder. You might feel it after being under a lot of stress, and recreational drug use is another common cause for this condition.

A family history of mental health disorders is a risk factor for anhedonia. That includes both schizophrenia and depression. Persons who have gone through neglect or abuse at some point in their lives are also at a bigger risk of anhedonia.

A major illness or any condition that affects the quality of life can be the reason behind the condition. Drug abuse and going through the withdrawal process are another potential cause. Anhedonia might also appear once a person goes through a stressful or traumatic event. It could be a loss of a loved one, breaking up a long relationship, etc.

What Does the Science Say About BPC 157 and Anhedonia?

Although it is possible to treat anhedonia, that is quite challenging. After diagnosing the disorder, doctors will look to treat the underlying condition. The doctor might recommend visiting therapists about taking antidepressants. You can also try supplements like BPC 157 as they accelerate the process of dealing with this condition.

You can find several studies that discuss the connection between BPC 157 and anhedonia. One of these studies was conducted in 1999 in Zagreb. [3] The researchers focused on disturbances that neuroleptics caused by rats and mice. According to the results of the study, BPC 158 is capable of interacting with the dopamine system. It does so both peripherally and centrally.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in making the person feel good. Studies indicate that this compound decides whether we will consider a particular goal worth the effort. [4] That puts dopamine in direct connection with feeling pleasure. Stimulants are capable of reducing dopamine levels in the human body. Since BPC 157 is capable of interacting with the dopamine system, it means this peptide can assist us in dealing with anhedonia.

In the aforementioned study, the scientists focused on the effects of amphetamine on rats. The results revealed that BPC 157 is capable of blocking the stereotypy that amphetamine could induce. It also inhibits the development of amphetamine super-sensitivity induced by haloperidol.

Another study conducted in 2002 focused on behavior disturbances caused by amphetamine. [5] The results were encouraging since they confirmed BPC 157 interacts and modifies the release of dopamine in the human body. The study confirmed that any disturbances that amphetamine caused could be attenuated with this body protective compound.

The scientists researched the issue of physical dependence and tolerance on diazepam following its frequent administration. [6] The conclusion was that BPC 157 has the properties that could prevent the downregulation of the receptors of benzodiazepines. It is important to administer the body protective compound while taking diazepam to attenuate its downsides. According to the study, BPC 157 is capable of reducing withdrawal symptoms, as well as decreasing tolerance to valium (diazepam).

Although BPC 157 is a pentadecapeptide primarily used for gut healing and tissue repair, scientists don’t underestimate its effect on brain health and function. A study conducted on rats in 2000 underlines the antidepressant properties of this peptide. The testing involved forced swimming, and the results showed a reduced rate of mobility time once BPC 157 was administered.

Is It Easy to Use BPC 157?

BPC 157 is a body protective compound that belongs to the class of peptides. These substances play a role in many processes in the human organism. As for this compound, in particular, it is gastric juice. It means that it occurs naturally in the human body, which decreases the possibility of experiencing side effects.

AgeForce revolutionized the entire BPC 157 with its unique BPC 157 transdermal patches. These are supplements with transdermal delivery and maximum effectiveness. They don’t require a lot of effort and might be suitable for treating anhedonia. Users apply the patch to the skin, and the compound releases gradually into their bloodstream.

Not only that this method is pain-free, but it also secures increased absorption of BPC 157. The compound will interact with the dopamine system inside the human organism, and help to increase its levels. Depending on the severity of the situation, that could help to start feeling emotions and pleasure soon.




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