Anamorelin VS MK 677 – How These Growth Hormones Compare

You might have heard about anamorelin and MK 677, but you need reliable information about these compounds. If that is the case, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we are comparing anamorelin VS MK 677 to let you know more about these two substances that promote growth hormone production. We consulted scientific studies and other reputable sources, and here is what we discovered!

What Is Anamorelin?

Anamorelin is a common name for a compound that has various developmental codes, such as RC-1291 and ONO-7643. It is a fairly new substance, and the original reason for developing it was to help to treat anorexia and cachexia related to cancer.

The working process of anamorelin has a foundation in promoting the secretion of the growth hormone. It does that by binding to specific receptors in the human body that boost GH production.

The list of potential benefits is long since it closely ties to the effectiveness of the growth hormone. Here is what we discovered in scientific studies.

Research Study 1 – Can Anamorelin Help with Cancer Cachexia?

Cachexia is a common occurrence among cancer patients, although it can also appear in people who are not dealing with a cancer-related problem. It is a complex condition, and it occurs when the human body is losing weight despite normal nutrition. [1] The condition is not about appetite loss since it alters how the organism utilizes nutrients.

The development of anamorelin was primarily to help patients dealing with cachexia during cancer. A trial that focused on analyzing the potential benefits of this compound gathered 81 participants. [2] They all experienced a weight loss of 5% or more during six months.

The researchers insisted that the trial lasts for 12 weeks, and they divided the participants into two groups. The first one was receiving a placebo treatment, and the other consumed anamorelin.

The results showed that the compound is capable of improving various measurements related to cachexia. Not only the participants saw an increase in lean body mass, but they also got a firmer handgrip. Since cachexia is largely based on muscle wasting, this study suggests anamorelin can help to boost lean body mass even on calorie-restricted diets.

Research Study 2 – How Anamorelin Affects Growth Hormone

A study that was published in 2008 focused on detailing how anamorelin affects growth hormone. [2] As a compound that is a GH secretagogue, everyone expected the research to be only a confirmation of how effective the substance was.

A total of 32 participants took part in the study, and the authors divided them between the placebo treatment group and the one who received up to 75 milligrams of anamorelin. According to the results, it took only six days to increase GH and IGF-1 levels. The researchers indicate that sticking to a dose within 50 milligrams won’t affect insulin resistance.

Is MK 677 any Different Than Anamorelin?

Yes, although these are both growth hormone boosters, these two compounds also come with some differences. MK 677 mimics a hormone called ghrelin, which has the task of boosting GH production. The compound is considered extremely safe and well-tolerated by its users. It is also a far more popular and accessible choice compared to anamorelin.

You will also find MK 677 under the name of ibutamoren. That is important to mention because of the scientific studies, which we will cover in the following sections.

Research Study 1 – Speeding Up Injury Recovery and Fracture Healing

Whether it is wound healing or recovery from a fracture, MK 677 can be helpful. A research that was conducted in the last decades shows that. [3]

The focus of the study were elderly patients that suffered from a hip fracture. The authors asked 123 participants to take part in this trial that lasted 24 weeks. The first part was the placebo group, and the remaining participants were prescribed 25 milligrams of ibutamoren daily.

The results showed that the stair-climbing capability increased in the group who consumed MK 677. Although this study focused on hip fractures, this indicates the compound could be helpful for other types of fractures and injuries.

Research Study 2 – How MK 677 Can Affect Body Composition

Bodybuilders are dreaming of altering their body composition, and the same is true for amateur fitness enthusiasts. According to a study conducted in 2008, MK 677 is capable of adjusting the composition of your body and boosting fat-free mass.

The study gathered 65 adult participants of both sexes, and the focus was a long-term consummation of ibutamoren. The results showed that it is safe to take the compound, and it boosted lean body mass levels in participants. At the same time, MK 677 helped them to shed excess body fat by utilizing its lipolytic activity.

Research Study 3 – Enhancing Sleep Quality with Ibutamoren

You might not think it is related to boosting muscles and achieving the beach body look, but the truth is that sleep is critical for achieving fitness goals. That is why the results of a study published in 1997 in Neuroendocrinology are crucial. [5]

The researchers gathered eight young adults not older than 30 and were given a placebo treatment or MK 677 doses over different periods.

The results showed that the participants spent 20% more time in REM sleep when consuming ibutamoren regularly. That indicates that this compound is capable of promoting optimal sleep patterns. That will ensure you feel well-rested and ready for new challenges the next day.

Anamorelin VS MK 677 – Which Is Better for You?

Anamorelin was developed with the idea to help with some symptoms connected to cancer, such as cachexia and anorexia. However, you cannot find a lot of studies related to this compound, which begs the question whether it is completely safe for human use.

On the other hand, MK 677 has endured the test of extensive studies and proved itself as a safe and well-tolerated compound with multiple potential benefits. Whether you look to accelerate body fat loss or speed up muscle growth, and even if you are looking to shorten injury recovery, this compound could help.

There is a reason why MK 677 is a more popular choice than anamorelin. It is a safe and well-tolerated compound that promotes growth hormone secretion for multiple potential benefits. Whether you look to accelerate body fat loss or speed up muscle growth, and even if you are looking to shorten injury recovery, this compound could help.

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