All the Healing Peptides Examined & Explained

Peptides are amino acid chains that don’t have more than 50 components in a chain. Along with proteins, they participate in numerous cell functions, which means the human organism makes them naturally.

That makes these compounds essential for our health. Peptides are capable of delivering various benefits, and they have healing properties. In this article, we are overviewing the healing peptides you can use in skin patches formulas developed by AgeForce.

TB-500 molecule


TB-500 synthetic peptide is much more famous as thymosin beta 4. Since its discovery in 1960, it has been the topic of numerous scientific studies. The core mechanism of action of this peptide is that it participates in cell migration and growth processes.

Scientific research confirms that TB-500 is capable of promoting angiogenesis. [1] Angiogenesis is a process where new blood vessels are created, which is crucial for the healing processes and muscle growth. Blood vessel formation leads to improved transfer of nutrients to the injured area. That subsequently leads to a higher pace of recovery, which describes the healing characteristics of TB-500.

Bodybuilders often use this peptide to support their recovery process, but also for muscle growth. The working process of TB-500 helps them to develop muscles faster.

TB-500 is also capable of promoting hair growth. A study that focused on mice analyzed the role of thymosin beta 4 in hair growth after depilation. [2] The scientists divided the mice into a group with a generous TB4 amount and a group with low quantities of this peptide in their organisms. Mice who had an above-average quantity of TB4 exhibited hair growth at a significantly higher pace than the ones in the control group.

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MK 677 Molecule


This synthetic peptide is known as MK-677, and it also goes by an alternative name, ibutamoren. MK-677 is a substance that boosts the production of growth hormone. It does that by mimicking ghrelin, a compound that works as a growth hormone stimulator. Ibutamoren doesn’t affect cortisol levels in the human organism, and its side effects are minimal.

MK-677 has a wide range of benefits for human health, but wound healing and tissue regeneration tops the list. Think about it like this – you need growth hormone to speed up tissue repair and injury recovery. Now, if ibutamoren is a substance that promotes the production of growth hormone, that means it can contribute to wound healing.

A study conducted on children with cutaneous burns focused on whether MK-677 can assist in the recovery process. [3] The conclusion was that the growth hormone is capable of contributing to the burn healing by accelerating the recovery pace.

Another interesting research focused on MK-677 and its role in strengthening bone density. [4] The focus was on postmenopausal women who exhibited bone issues. More than 290 women took part in the study and showed ibutamoren is capable of improving bone density, which assists in preventing osteoporosis. Although the study focused on a specific age and gender group, the results are encouraging. They show that people of all ages can consider this healing peptide to promote their bone strength and density.

MK-677 has other potential benefits, including boosting muscle growth, supporting optimal sleep patterns, and exhibiting nootropic characteristics.

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BPC 157 Molecule


Injuries are a common problem for athletes, including both amateurs and professionals. Unfortunately, injuries prevent you from training, which can affect your performance and physical appearance. That is why you are looking for compounds that can accelerate injury recovery.

Another problem for athletes is the burden they put on their knees. Their joints suffer more wear and pain than usual. Over time, that leads to joint pain and arthritis. That is where BPC-157 comes into play.

BPC-157 is a body protective compound that can help the human organism in multiple ways. According to a study conducted in 2014, this peptide can help in managing knee arthritis in rats. [5] The animals that participated in the study were administered BPC-157 intra-articulary, and the results were encouraging.

Since BPC-157 can also trigger angiogenesis, it can also help in joint healing and recovery. Thanks to that, this compound might be of assistance for those looking for joint pain relief or improved mobility.

This body protective compound plays a role in supporting optimal gut health. It helps to protect and repair intestinal walls, which is why it can assist those dealing with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. For example, a study that was conducted in Croatia focuses on using BPC-157 in treating lesions in the gut. [6]

The results showed that this peptide could help with the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum lesions. Since all these could be a consequence of Crohn’s disease and other gut problems, that means BPC-157 can help to manage these chronic conditions.

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HGH Molecule

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Peptide

Human growth hormone is a peptide hormone that plays a vital role in the healing processes in the human organism. Spurring growth is the primary reason why HGH even exists in the human body. The problem is that the production of HGH decreases over time. That means your organism will make less HGH as you grow older. The solution can be resorting to supplementation, especially if you need to accelerate an injury recovery or want to speed up muscle growth.

You can find various studies that focus on HGH and its role in healing throughout the human organism. A rat-focused study conducted in 1991 confirmed that HGH could be helpful in boosting fracture healing in old rats. [7] A newer research conducted in Japan in 2001 focused on the sustained release of growth hormone and its role in wound healing in mice. [8] These are only two of numerous researches that confirmed HGH plays a role in speeding up injury recovery.

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Formulas of all the above-mentioned healing peptides have been developed by AgeForce. The company delivers the peptides as skin patches that are easy to apply and painless. These formulas secure gradual delivery to ensure improved absorption and optimize benefits you might experience from taking these compounds.




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