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HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. Another term for it is somatropin. This is a hormone that the pituitary gland produces. It is a very complex hormone, and the only ways it can get to the bloodstream is by injection or by a particular patch. If it were to be taken by a pill, the stomach acid would tear it down before it got into the bloodstream. There would be absolutely none of it reaching the blood.


It is known for effect on the growth and repair of cells, but there are other things it has been shown to affect. One of those is the effect on protein synthesis as well as body composition and fatty acid oxidation. In both obese patients and those with diabetes, it has been shown that the HGH levels drop. This is also true with the aging population.


HGH therapy can increase both bone and tendon strength. But this is not the only benefit. There have been several studies done, and they have shown that the human growth hormone or HGH also has a bone-building ability, it can improve in many areas of the measures of quality of life and psychological well being. HGH can also increase the size and the strength of the muscles. With long-term treatment, it can also help glucose metabolism to become more regular. There is an increase in red blood cells which helps to improve performance during exercise. HGH can also decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing LDL (better known as the bad cholesterol) which will improve the HDL/LDL ratio. It also normalizes the function of the heart and pathological changes that occur in the cardiac morphology. It can also increase energy and protein synthesis in the muscles. There are ongoing trials to find out what the neurological and psychological effects HGH has on the body.


The naked eye can not see some of the benefits. For example, HGH can slow down the progression of the degenerative disease and increase sex drive as well as help to maintain mental acuity and give a person the overall feeling of well being. If the level of HGH gets too low, there is a poor sense of well being, along with muscle loss, low energy levels and sex drives, and fat gain.


Past research has almost exclusively centered on the physiological effect of human growth hormone therapy on the body.


Here at AgeForce, we have the best HGH PowerPatch. This can be gotten without a prescription and side effects. The patch delivers a 25mg dose gradually into the bloodstream. This is genetically engineered. Along with the patch, many things will help boost the HGH levels. The seven categories are vitamins, minerals, amino acids, vital agents, adaptogenic herbs, and herbs and botanicals.


One of the simplest ways to increase the HGH in the bloodstream is the best HGH PowerPatch you can get here at AgeForce.  This and a good multivitamin will get the HGH or human growth hormone level in your body.

Best HGH
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