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Creatine + Beta-Alanine

About Creatine and Beta-Alanine

CreatineCreatine was discovered in 1832 by Michel Eugene Chrvreul. He identified it as a component of skeletal muscle. He named it Creatine after the Greek word for “meat”.
In 1912, researchers at Harvard University proved that ingesting Creatine can dramatically boost Creatine content in muscles. Then in the late 1920’s, researchers found that larger amounts of Creatine stored in muscles can dramatically increase muscular energy.
CreatineCreatine supplements started to truly gain widespread popularity for performance enhancing properties right after the1992 Olympics in Barcelona, when gold-medal sprinters from the UK, Lyford Christie and Sally Gunnell told reporters that he was using Creatine supplementation to increase energy and muscular nutrition. Soon there were several studies that confirmed that Creatine was a great energy source for skeletal muscles, and athletes worldwide started incorporating Creatine into their supplement programs to increase high-intensity athletic performance. Since then, and to this day, Creatine supplementation is, perhaps, the single most popular athletic performance supplement used to increase energy to skeletal muscles and to build muscle mass.
There are now countless studies and scientific evidence that short-term creatine use can increase maximum power and performance in high-intensity anaerobic repetitive work (periods of work and rest) Creatine is a non-essential nutrient. One of the reasons Creatine supplements are so popular is that you would have to eat about 10 pounds of raw steak to get the nutrient level of one supplement dose.

CreatineCreatineBeta-Alanine (B-Alanine or BAM) is a naturally occurring beta amino acid. Supplementation with Beta-Alanine has been shown to be a precursor that increases the concentration of Carnosine in muscles, decrease fatigue in athletes and increase total muscular work done. Sustained Release of a Beta-Alanine dietary supplement provides an even supply of beta-alanine to your muscles. Beta-Alanine works by increasing muscle carnosine levels, buffering lactic acid that builds up during high-intensity exercise, which can reduce muscle burn and fatigue. Designed for endurance, team, and strength athletes, these Beta-Alanine tablets are formulated to help enhance both high-intensity training and Beta-Alanine is one of the precursors to carnosine, which is actually the molecule of interest in reducing fatigue.

By: Stephen Lapidus

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