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Nitric Oxide
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Nitric Oxide Skin Patch

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Nitric Oxide Benefits

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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
My Fav Patch
I have been an Ageforce customer for 8 months. So far I have tried 4 different patches, none work as swiftly as the NO. This patch delivers!! I workout in the mornings so I apply it at night. I run to & from the gum and boy can I feel the difference, i'd say 10% improvement in cardio. Lactic acid buildup in the gym is decreased, allowing for extra few reps. IMO this is a required patch for workout days, regardless of other patches being used.
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After receiving the Nitric Oxide and using the Patch,  a test was preformed to check my oxygen level.  I must say it was much, much improved.  I feel better  during my walks and a little exercise.  Any one needing extra oxygen needs to try the Patch.  Will order again soon.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Great Booster ! Will get you motivated.
I am a 58 year old male. I have had 6 back surgeries,so I can't do a lot of the lifting that I used to,or walk for great distances, but I found I can ride bicycle. I have noticed since using the patch, I can easily go the extra mile, or 2. Thank you for this great patch and the excellent service!!!
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Excellent NO booster
I've tried both NItric Oxide patches, both are excellent, however the introduction of agmatine really gives it  an extra kick. Workouts have improved but it is recovery where I feel these patches excel. I also feel better on these patches, mentally and physically. If you are over 30 this will definetly help deal with stress and workouts better.
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Nitric Oxide Patch for Tendonitis (Climber's/Golfer's Elbow)
I noticed a significant benefit, especially after having used it for a while. I also tried another brand but the other brand didn't have as many great ingredients!
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Let's get pumped up
I have been a big fan of NO2 for quite some time after reading a book on the subject. It was called the new science of bodybuilding NO2 the 21 day transformation.  This stuff works.  My workouts are more intense and I recover much quicker than when I am not using these.  It's either this or drink gallons of beet juice.
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Great pump!
This patch worked right away for me. The pumps are insane and it really helps my endurance. I forgot to use the patch 1 day and about 10 minutes after starting my workout it dawned on my why I was winded. Very convenient and effective!
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 I am into exercise, I used to be athletic, playing soccer, became a late in the game at 27,  but presently I am in a maintenance routine. Staying fit as a firm believer that optimal performance requires the combines strength of physical fitness and an agile mind. I started with NO a year ago not primarily for fitness but as a potential remedy for plague formation in arteries. I had read that nitric oxide relaxes narrowed blood vessels, increasing oxygen and blood flow.

I also read that the interior surface of your arteries produce nitric oxide. When plaque builds up, this reduces your capacity to produce nitric oxide.  I had already started on HGH patches, and then I saw NO. I bought them and never looked back since. Amongst other I do dumbbell reps and after I used NO I managed to increase my reps without straining myself. Better blood flow and delivery of nutrients to muscles are behind the extra power when using NO. But better blood flow does not discriminate in the body and well I found there is a terrific bonus in sexual function. I tried Viagra before but it makes me feel flushes and slightly tense hence I give it a miss. NO is like taking Viagra via the back door minus the side effects. I have more than one reason to carry on with the wonderful patch.
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