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The Fat Burning Weight Loss Time-Release Patch
A Powerful Advanced Formula With Garcinia Cambogia - 7-Keto DHEA T2,
Appetite Suppressant, Plus 6 Clinically Proven Fat Burners

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This Fat Burner Patch T2, Garcinia, And 7-Keto DHEA Is Amazing! Carl Lanore Host:
Weight Loss Patch
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Fat Burning Weight Loss Patch

18 Patches - 30-Day Supply
Now With An Effective Appetite Suppressant

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A Weight Loss Patch That Burns Body Fat Without Strict Diets Or Intense Exercise!
With Garcinia, 7-Keto DHEA, T2, And A New Appetite Supressant

Weight Loss Patch and exerciseWeight Loss Aid Patch and eating healthy If you’ve been disappointed before with fad diets, diet pills that promise rapid weight loss, or some other fat burning patch, we hope you will consider our AgeForce® transdermal time-release Fat Burning weight loss patch because it truly is the most scientifically advanced, powerful, and effective fat burning supplement available!

While diet and exercise are important to any weight management plans, this transdermal time-release patch can help you burn body fat and achieve and maintain your desired weight management goals. Simply apply the transdermal time-release patch and our exclusive fat burning peptide formula is absorbed into your bloodstream where it can help you shed those unwanted pounds and body fat, including that hard to lose deep abdominal body fat!

Please Scroll Down To Read Emails We Have Received From Customers And Recent Contest Winners

Lose Weight Safely and Permanently -Everybody's metabolism, body-type, age, health, and caloric intakes are different, but our patch can help you burn body fat and lose extra pounds. You may want to slim down and lose only a few pounds to fit back into those jeans you were wearing last year, or lose weight for health reasons, or you may want to turn over a new leaf and reverse years of dietary neglect in exchange for a healthier, skinnier body. They're all good reasons to try the transdermal time-release Fat Burning patch.

Our Exclusive Formula Now Contains Garcinia Cambogia, 7-Keto DHEA, And An Advanced Appetite Suppressant. - No Other Fat Burning Supplement is formulated With 10 Proven weight loss ingredients, and as important, our transdermal time-release direct to bloodstream delivery assures total bioavailability of each of the formula’s nutrients. Please take a moment to read about this awesome formula.
  1. Garcinia Cambogia hydroxycitric acid HCA) is extracted from the fruit rind of the Garcinia plant. In clinical trials, it has been shown to burn stored body fat and support appetite suppression, along with increasing metabolic rates. It works by inhibiting certain enzymes that convert carbohydrates into body fat, and to increase the oxidation of carbohydrates before they can be stored as body fat.
  2. 7-Keto DHEA (7-OXO DHEA) is a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA that works in two ways to help you lose weight: First, it increases your metabolic rate, which reduces body fat, second, it inhibits the storage of new body fat, for ongoing weight control.
  3. T2 (3,5-Diiodo-L-Thyronine) increases your metabolic rate so that you burn calories (stored in body fat) faster. T2 is a very powerful clinically proven fat-burning peptide.
  4. Tyr-Somatostatin is an advanced peptide that burns body fat.
  5. Iodotyrosine Deiodinase is a flavoprotein that regulates how quickly one’s body burns calories.
  6. Potassium Iodide is a naturally occurring salt form of iodide that absorbs water naturally and readily
  7. L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that curbs appetite and increases alertness and mental focus.
  8. Selenium is an important antioxidant enzyme that prevents damage from free radicals and tends to increase the effectiveness of other antioxidants.
  9. Alpha Lipoic Acid (RLA) An antioxidant that helps to convert carbohydrates into energy. It also helps to restore natural levels of vitamins C and E.
  10. Hoodia – With transdermal delivery, Hoodia is a remarkable and effective appetite suppressant.

You'll Never Feel Hyper Or Jittery! Our formula burns body fat without any of the negative effects of so-called “fat-burners” like caffeine, ephedrine, or guarana, that are all commonly found in over-the-counter weight loss supplements and diet pills. Our patches will not cause jitters, racing heartbeat, or elevated blood pressure. The advanced powerful formula has only one effect in the body and that is to oxidize (burn) fat. Period!

You Can Lose Weight And Body Fat Even Without Strict Diets Or Exercise! That's how effective this patch really is! That being said, it will certainly work faster and better and lead to permanent and safe weight loss if you eat sensibly and get regular cardio exercise. Here's an overview of the features and benefits of the patch:

  • Lose Weight
  • Target and burn body fat including deep abdominal fat
  • Moderate Appetite Suppressant
  • Lower body fat ratio by burning stored body fat and setting a barrier to keep new body fat from being produced and stored.
  • Safe and effective for men and women of all ages
  • Will not convert to any downstream sex hormone
  • Great for athletes and all fitness/workout routines to lower body fat ratios
  • Transdermal skin patch with 8-hour time release formula delivery
  • 100% formulated and manufactured in US FDA certified laboratories

improve  your workout with our weight loss patchAdvanced Fat-Burner for Male and Female Athletes Like No Other!Advanced Fat-Burner for Athletes - Our exclusive dual fat burning weight loss patch formula provides awesome results for any man or woman athlete who wants lower body fat ratios. It works great in combination with some of our other patches including our HGH PowerPatch®, our Testo/100® Testosterone Booster patch, and our DHEA patch. Unlike oral diet supplements, the patch delivers the formula directly to blood stream over a period of 8 hours, insuring complete formula metabolization and targeting deep abdominal body fat that no other fat burning supplement can't touch. Bottom line – Any man or woman with a consistent workout or exercise routine, will see results that blow away any other oral fat burner!

If You’re Not Into Exercise Don’t Worry, This Patch Can Still Help You!
Just eat sensibly and watch your body fat melt off every day. That being said, if you can motivate yourself to take a “brisk” 30-45-minute walk 3 or 4 times a week, and eat sensibly, you’ll accelerate the process and enjoy the many health and fitness benefits that even moderate exercise will give you. If you’re not into walking, ride a bike, go for a swim, jog, or play your favorite sport. Anything that elevates your standing heart rate for 30-45 minutes is great cardio exercise. But even if you’re just a “couch potato” this patch will work!

research and development of our weight loss patchtime released weight loss patchThe advantages to direct to bloodstream delivery over oral supplements are grounded in scientific fact! There are hundreds of diet supplements on the market, but they all share one very important drawback: You have to swallow them! As good as some of those formula are, when they are swallowed and enter the stomach, they are subjected to a powerful digestive acid bath that destroys up to 90% of the essential ingredients in the formula, and only that small portion of the formula that survives the digestive acid bath gets into the bloodstream. Now lets compare that to direct to bloodstream delivery: You apply our patch and the formula immediately begins to move through the skin and into your bloodstream directly. This process continues for about 8-hours, and100% of the formula is delivered into your bloodstream. This gradual introduction of the formula assures complete bioavailability and efficient use of the formula nutrients that work together to help you lose weight by stimulating the burning of body fat. Also, Garcinia and 7-Keto DHEA in the formula helps to reduce the storage of new body fat. This is the advantage of today’s science of transdermal time-release patches! You get 100% of the supplement formula’s dosage, instead of 10% of the formula dosage that survives with pills or capsules! Use this link to learn more about the advantages of transdermal time-release delivery.

Please take a moment to use our Body Mass Index Calculator to see which of the four US-CDC (United States Center For Disease Control & Prevention) weight categories you fall into. Just enter your height and weight and click on “Calculate”. We’ve also posted valuable information about risk factors on this page.

Some Of The Thousands Of Emails We've Received From Customers And Recent Contest Winners

Our May 2014 Fat Burner Weight Loss Contest Winners


If you’re still not convinced that our Fat Burner Weight loss patches work, please read these emails from our 6 contest winners who were chosen from the many thousands of email contest entries we received!

David – Kensington, Connecticut - As a competitive natural body builder I was looking for a fat burner without caffeine.  Caffeine raises cortisol levels, which has a catabolic effect and wastes hard-earned muscle. The fat burning patch is easy to use and effective, with no jitters, racing heartbeat, or elevated blood pressure.  Too many supplement manufacturers create products that trick users into thinking caffeine will help their weight loss ... they trying to sell products that release muscle wasting hormones ... Thank you AgeForce for a supplement that works and is not another high tech trick of oodles of ingredients.*

Jodi – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - I couldn't be happier. 45 year old female just battling fat changes in body, trying to exercise more but unable. The Fat Burner patch has been amazing! I have highly recommended it and know others now on it! I can't say enough positive things about how I not only have less ''fat'' around all areas of my body but I do feel better! It was exactly as the instructions informed. It’s not a quick result product and staying on it for 3 months has paid off. I give you all the credit for developing such a great product!*

Mick – Blue Springs, Missouri - A fantastic product!! I am a 55-year-old male. I was overweight and unhealthy since High school. A lifestyle that took its toll on an ignorant man.

Three years ago I began a lifestyle change. My ever-escalating blood pressure combine with borderline diabetes had finally begun to literally scare the life out of me. Ever increasing blood pressure medication was giving me joint pain, and excess weight was burdening the structures meant for movement.

A diet change was first. I began a low carbohydrate regiment that included an increase in protein and limiting processed foods and simple carbs. As the weight loss began I added light exercise and cardio to the change. Not only was I losing fat, I gained muscle mass. The transformation was taking place.

The first year ended with a 100 pound weight loss and a 20-pound muscle gain. Amazed by the change I knew that this was something that must be permanent.  The second year passed with a slight weight gain. I finally admitted to being a true sugar addict and definite carbo-holic.  I eliminated grains and went strictly complex carbohydrates in my diet. Then I stopped all sugar substitutes with the exception of stevia, which I use on limited basis. Weight maintenance became a natural and easy thing to do.

My three-year lifestyle anniversary has passed and I feel terrific. No blood pressure medication is required. My blood sugars and insulin levels are safe and stable. Running, jumping, swimming, playing with my children and grandchildren is easy, and my body, this 55-year-old body, feels like 30!

One problem.......belly fat.   I now have muscles that show. I even have some abdominal definition, but retain a belly bulge.  It is internal fat, this I know.  I tried your product with this one goal. Rid myself of gut. I had been tempted to buy Age Force fat burner patches earlier, but wasn't sure enough to take gamble. Your 30-day free trial was just what I needed to take the plunge, and I am so glad I did.

I have had a 7-pound weight loss in these thirty days and 1.5 inches from my stomach.  I made no diet changes during this period and only added a couple extra trips to the gym because I looked and felt so well.  The patches are simple and easy to apply.  I had never used a patch infusion and found it works great. I am reordering with my next paycheck and will continue until I am rid of this belly completely and possibly ....RIPPED like never before!

Excited for my next body change.*

Josh – West Hills, California - I have been using the age force weight loss fat burner patch regularly for the past 3 months.  Since then I started back at school, went from working out 6 days a week to 3, and started eating way more carbs than usual (including sweets at night while studying...).  I knew that I needed something to support me during this semester.  At 6'2", I went from a soft 200 lbs. and 12% body fat to a lean 185 lbs. and 8% body fat. Lean muscle mass did not change, I only lost fat!! All while exercising less, not more!  This patch works fantastically!  Thank you Age Force.*

Tom – Owego, New York - This is simple, folks; the AgeForce Fat Burning Weight Loss Patch works better than any other weight loss supplement I have ever used! Put the patch on, one every other day, and go about your life. No more pills. I found it best to put it on at night and take it off in the morning. AND that is the best part....a weight loss supplement you can use AT NIGHT. No stimulants, nothing to keep you up. I really don’t do very well with the stimulants that are in most weight loss supplements. Can't use them for very long before I start to get psychotic. You get none of that with the AgeForce patch. ALL it does it burn away weight. Doesn’t bother you in any way.

I used the patch for a little over a month (just about five weeks). This was about six months ago. I wasn’t paying that much attention because, to be honest, I wasn't a huge believer in patches yet. I just went about my daily training program - weight training four times a week, a little cardio. I was almost 200 pounds when I started. At the end of the five weeks I was 179. I changed NOTHING in my routine other than use the patch every other night. My diet was ok, not a lot of junk food...but I certainly wasn’t on some sort of strict pre contest diet.

The AgeForce Fat Burning Weight Loss Patch works better than any other fat burner I have ever used. I had to STOP USING the patches because, just about the time I was starting the patches, I had decided I wanted to really increase my strength and start more of a powerlifting type program. I had some abdominal fat I wanted gone, but other than that was not concerned with losing a lot of weight. The patch worked too fast. I went off the patch and began my strength program. I got into the same problem a lot of guys do...I was eating a ton to increase my strength and lifts and got my ''gut'' back. So about three weeks ago I started using the patch again, every other night. I had gone back up to about 193 pounds when I weighed in three weeks ago. After three weeks I am down to 177. I am eating a ton.

No junk food but I am certainly not avoiding carbs. And my training program is almost all heavy lifting. The ONLY thing different in these past three weeks is the patch every other night. I don’t know what else to say....this patch is awesome! I would (and do) recommend it to everyone. No matter what you’re training routine is, you will lose weight. Period. I also use the AgeForce Melatonin patch and the Testo 100 patch. These patches are also fantastic and work exactly as advertised. I have used dozens of weight loss supplements over the years and would never buy any of them again. It’s that simple!*

Justin – Agawam, Massachusetts - I’ve used 2 separate 30 day supplies. My first 30-day supply was an eye opening experience. I weight lift every other day, and maintain a good diet overall, with some cheat snacks/meals. I began my first 30-day supply weighing in between 205 and 207 in the morning. At the end of my 30-day supply I was at 202 - I lost between 3-5 pounds without changing my routine or diet at all! It seems to really start working after the first sheet is used up (after 6 patches). I believe continual use of the patch is key. I''e been wearing one every other day and I''m currently on my second 30 day supply. I''m overall very impressed with this patch - ALL results and NO side effects!*

*The text in these 6-contest winner’s emails is original and has not been edited in any way. We have just deleted their last names to assure their privacy.


Customer Emails

Finally a weight loss supplement that helps you lose weight! Your patches are amazing! I bet you got lots of orders from Louisville, KY because I’ve told all my friends about these patches. I’m keeping to my regular diet and jogging 4 times a week. The only change I’ve made to my routine is that I’m using the patches every other day as you suggest. It’s been two months and I’ve lost 12 pounds. Now I’m going to order your Melatonin patches to help me sleep. Thanks AgeForce! Barbara, Louisville, KY 3/23/2014

Wow! What can I say? 6 pounds lost my first month of the 90-day supply I purchased. Jerry – Vacaville, CA 3/23/2014
I am a very jaded consumer having tried dozens of diets and dozens of different weight loss supplements over the years. I took a leap of faith when I placed my 30-day supply order for your patches. I have just placed a 180-day order. Does that tell you how satisfied I am? Angie – Irving, TX 3/20/2014
I lost 14 pounds the first 2-months using the patches. I got a little cocky the 3rd month and stopped watching what I was eating. Normally that would have caused me to gain a few pounds, but I didn’t gain anything. That must be what you guys refer to as the ongoing weight management thing with 7-Keto DHEA that keeps new body fat from being stored. Anyway, I’m back to my good eating habits and looking forward to more weight loss. Archie – Mission, TN 3/19/ 2014
These patches are magic! All of my friends are asking me how I lost so much weight! 3 or 4 pounds a month for the first 3 months. I just placed another order with you guys. Ricardo – Tulsa, OK 3/15/2014
You must have some secret magic stuff in these patches. I’m a bodybuilder and I’ve tried a dozen fat burners in the last few years with mostly poor results. As of today, everyone in my gym knows that the AgeForce fat burner works! Thanks for a great supplement. Rubin – Oregon City, OR 3/15/2014
The thing that first gave me the confidence to order from you is that you do everything in the United States. I’ve read about the poor, and sometimes, dangerous supplements that come from the Far East. I’m really pleased with the Fat burner patches and also the DHEA patches I ordered. Both patches are living up to the claims you make for them. Jane – Lenox, MA 3/12/2014
I think the fact that your weight loss formula is delivered transdermally is the reason it works so well. I have bought oral supplements with T2 and 7-Keto DHEA before to lose weight and they didn’t work very well. Your patches have made me a true believer in transdermal supplement delivery. Craig – San Mateo, CA 3/11/2014
I guess you could say I’m obese. This past year I’ve been doing my homework on weight loss surgery, which was my last hope. I thought I would try your patches because a friend of mine, who is not obese, lost a few pounds with them and suggested I give them a try. I ordered a one month supply in January, and another one month supply in February, and now again this month. I could not be happier! So far I’ve lost 15 pounds and while I’m still 50 pounds overweight, I’m finally making some progress. I’ll keep you updated each month, but so far I could not be more pleased with results. Joseph – New York, NY 3/10/2014
Congratulations once again AgeForce! I’ve been using your Testosterone Booster patches for over a year and thought I would try your weight loss patch because I’ve gained a few pounds since I’ve had back problems that have kept me from working out regularly. The patches work! I only lost a pound the first month but I’ve lost another 3 pounds this month. I’m starting to get back into the gym, but I still plan to use the patches. Leslie – Bradenton, FL 3/8/2014
I’m pleased to be able to cancel my monthly AutoShip order. Not because I’m not satisfied, but because I’ve lost 15 pounds in the last 3-months. That was my goal when I placed my order. Like so many others, I have tried lots of supplements and been disappointed. So I thank you for finally offering a weight loss supplement that works, and I’ll be sure to tell my friends about AgeForce. Corey – Spokane, WA 11/3/2013
The fat burner patches works pretty good. Slowly but surely my body fat percentage has dropped from 18% to 14%. I’ve lost mostly belly fat and I am slowly starting to see my stomach muscles again. I also use the Testo/100 patches, along with the HGH patches and the B complex patches. I’m eating dinner earlier as recommend, and working out. AgeForce patches have helped to give me a whole new appearance. My body age has been measured 33, but I am 49 and very happy! Lars – Esbjerg V, Denmark 11/1/1013
To all involved with the fat burner weight loss patches: At the age of 55 you would think it near impossible to lose 40 lbs. let along regain the shape I once had at a young age. I would like to say thank you for a product that really works. I feel better than ever and I will never quit using the age force patches. I was so heavy (197) that walking on my treadmill caused my knees and feet to swell and ache so I quit. I will resume my exercise program now and I' am sure more weight will come off quicker and I know I can move a lot easier without pain. I was verging on having to resort to high blood pressure medication but my blood pressure is normal I have more energy and I think more clearly. Your product is a Godsend. Only good things have resulted from the use of these products. Why else would I continue to use them? Simple I am heading off the bad things that result from being overweight and slowing down the aging process. I look like I did at 30 and I could not have done it without these patches. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely. Tammy – Petal, Mississippi 10/4/2013
I’ve been weight training and stone lifting for 25 years. I am a self-made lifter who owes all of his learning through self study, practice, and building all kinds of equipment to get to the next level of my training success. My deep background allows me to train people in a way that’s dedicated to physical and mental success. I am in the process of training a fellow lifter named Dennis who wanted to lose a few pounds and get more physically fit. Dennis has been on a very intense training regimen comprised of many modalities to achieve his physical and mental goals. We are using the AgeForce Weight Loss Fat Burner patches every other day. Dennis has lost twenty five pounds in ten weeks! We plan on losing twenty more pounds in the next six weeks.! The AgeForce Weight Loss Fat Burner patch is the real deal! Eric – Albany, NY 9/14/2013
I've been using supplements since 1985, authored 3 books on the subject and formulate supplements for other companies. In little more than 3 weeks on the Age Force fat burner patch, I lost almost 5lbs of scale weight and nearly a quarter inch off my waist. I also took my temperature 90 minutes after putting the patch on. An increase of almost 2 degrees fahrenheit was observed. You just can't fudge a thermometer reading like that. Credit to Age Force where it's due. This patch is a smart investment, alongside a solid diet and exercise program. Rob – Hadley, MA 9/12/2013
Your Customer Service should be a model for all of the other companies selling products or services online. Thank you for the time you spent with me yesterday. You answered every question I had (and I had a lot of them!) honestly and professionally. I placed my order for the patches after we spoke and I am looking forward to trying them. Jodie – Monmouth, NJ 8/24/2013
5 pounds in my first month! That may not sound like a lot, but it’s the first 5 pounds I have been able to lose in the last 10-years! I love this patch! Kelly – Mt Vernon, NY 8/20/2013
I thought I would email you a 1-year update with the AgeForce Weight Loss Fat Burner patches…I have lost 24 pounds and that is, of course, great! But to me, the most important thing I have to tell you is that even when I don’t get my normal exercise, or when I eat a little more than I should be eating, I am not gaining weight. I recently read about the ability of the 7 Keto DHEA in the patch making it harder to store new body fat. Well guess what? It works! These patches are not just great for losing weight; they are working for me for my ongoing weight control. Lee – Tulsa, OK 8/14/2013
As a person that has tried dozens of “miracle” weight loss supplements and diets, I placed my order for your patches with a great deal of skepticism. After 90-days and a loss of 16 pounds, I am a true believer in AgeForce. I am so convinced about your company and your science, that I ordered the multi vitamin and the B complex vitamins also. Edwin – Reno, NV 8/4/2013
When I got my first order I looked at these 18 postage stamp size band aids and thought I was getting ripped off! To my surprise and great satisfaction I am 9 pounds lighter after my first two months of AutoShip. How cool is that! Ally- Ocean City, MD 7/22/2013
Thanks for pointing out the Harvard study about taking your last meal earlier in the day. I had been eating my dinner around 8 PM and when I got the patches I saw your suggestion, based on the study, to eat dinner as early as possible. I work at home so it was easy for me to make the change and now I don’t know if the 3 pounds I lost my first month are from eating earlier or your patches? Either way, I’ll keep with the program and see how it goes. Trudy – San Francisco, CA 7/20/2013
I have to email you a picture of my stomach before I go to sleep. I have 6 AgeForce patches lined up and my husband is always making fun of me. I could care less about his wise cracks because I know (and so does he) how much I am benefiting from the patches I use. I’ve lost 17 pounds in the last few months, and my exercise (Jogging and Yoga) routines are better then they were 10-years ago. All of my friends comment on how young I look and I tell all of them about AgeForce. You guys are fantastic! Beatrice – Chicago, IL 7/12/2013
10 pounds in 9 weeks! AgeForce is Da Bomb! Archie – Spokane, WA 7/8/2013
I was very impressed with the fact that everything your company does is in the United States with US FDA certified sources and vendors. I can’t believe how many times we are all reading about problems with food, drugs, and supplements from other countries.
I can’t believe it and anyone that orders this Fat Burner patch should be prepared to be amazed! I’m in the gym 5-days a week and between free weights and my cardio workouts, I have a lot less body fat then most. But once I hit my forties I started to develop deep abdominal body fat and for the last 4-years I’ve tried over a dozen so-called fat burners. None of them worked very well and a couple of months ago, a friend of mine that I work out with sometimes told me about the AgeForce fat burner patches and the success he has had with them. I visited your website and placed a 90-day supply order. The easiest way for me to tell you how I did is that yesterday I placed my second 90-day order and I’ve already turned 4 or 5 of my friends on to your patches. Artie – Kings Point, NY 6/30/2013
I’m not sure if I’m eating less and exercising more, or if it’s your Weight Loss patches? But either way, slow and steady weight loss in the first two months (7 pounds) is enough to keep me on the monthly AutoShip program, which by the way, is really convenient. Victoria – Tacoma, WA 6/20/2013
I put this little patch on every other night and get on my scale once or twice a week. It’s like magic! My friends all ask me my how I lost 20 pounds in the last 6-months? I tell them this little patch! Please don’t take offence when I use the word “Magic”. I’ve spoke to your people in the research department that answer the CS phone and I know that there is a lot of very advanced science involved. Ria – Hartford, CT 6/14/2013
I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to dieting. That’s what got me interested in your patches. When I read that the patch would help me lose weight without strict diets, you got my 30-day trial order. I watched the calendar to make sure I could cancel before the next order, because I really doubted that the patches would work. The first month I lost 2 pounds, so I decided to give it another month. Now it’s been 6-months and 21 pounds lighter! I’ve read about the 7-Keto DHEA keeping new body fat off, so even though I don’t want to lose any more weight, I’ll keep using the patches. This is the first time I have every sent a testimonial to a company, but you guys earned it! Sylvia – Silver Creek, Maryland 6/10/2013
I’ve been a gym rat since I was 14 years old, and now that I’m approaching 50, I still workout regularly. I’ve tried every fat burning supplement on the market. Some are better than others, but none of them are in the same league as your Fat Burner patches! They are incredible! The deep abdominal body fat that was driving me nuts these past couple of years is gone! Now I’m using the patches to keep new body fat from being stored. I know that 7-Keto DHEA will do that, and it’s great that you’ve added it to the patch formula. Bradley – Las Vegas, Nevada 5/30/2013
AgeForce Rocks! Why aren’t you guys on TV talking about your patches. I’ve been using the Testosterone Booster for a year now with amazing results, and I’m now starting my second month with the weight loss patch. I’ve lost 6 pounds the first month without any crazy dieting. Like I said at the beginning, AgeForce Rocks! Stuart – Ardmore, Pennsylvania 5/22/2013
I can’t begin to count the times I have been disappointed with diets, and, or, diet supplements, until I started using your Weight Loss Fat Burner patches. OMG, they are everything you promised they would be and more! I’ve lost 24 pounds in the last 3-months and what is just as important, I am not gaining the weight back! Jenifer – Tulsa, Oklahoma 5/4/2013
I have to tell you that the 7-Keto DHEA is keeping new body fat off. I lost 14 pounds in 2-months with the patch and then, even though I got a little careless with my ongoing diet, I didn’t put any weight back on! 7-Keto DHEA at work! – Lee – Chico, California 4/24/2013
Why don’t you advertise more? This patch is awesome! I do a lot of free weight training and I bought the patch to help me burn body fat! After only 3-weeks, I’m a very happy customer! Archie – New Orleans, Louisiana 4/14/2013
Like most people with weight loss issues, I have tried more supplements and diets than I can count or even remember. That being said, the AgeForce Fat Burning Weight Loss patch has made all of my past disappointments history! How about 18 pounds in 6-weeks and more to come! (Or should I say more to lose) Judith – Oakland, California 3/24/2013
Once I turned 40, I started to put on weight around my hips and stomach. For some reason, even if I lost a few pounds, that fat just would not go away. That’s why I purchased your fat burner patches. I have never taken the time to write to a company before, but I’m doing it now to tell you that your fat burner patches do exactly what you say they will do! I’ve lost 9 pounds in 7-weeks and my wife is amazed at how much fat around my mid-section has vanished! Jeff – Hoboken, New Jersey 3/12/2013
My sister and I are twins, and we both have always been fighting a battle with our weight! We found your website with an Internet search a month ago, and we were both interested in your transdermal approach to supplements. OK, not to make this email a novel, we have both lost 5 pounds in the first 2-weeks with your patches. We are on the Autoship and can’t wait for our next month’s delivery, so we called customer service to ask to send them sooner. Sarah & Roberta – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 3/4/2013
I’m a personal trainer and as you might expect, I have several clients that want to lose weight and, or, body fat. Before I recommended your fat burner patches to clients, I wanted to see for myself if they were just another diet supplement that disappoints, or if the patches really worked. So I ordered them for my mother and father, who both carry a few extra pounds. Two months later…..I have a dozen clients that are using the AgeForce Fat Burning patches! Jennifer – Las Vegas, Nevada 2/26/2013
14 pounds so far! I feel confident that with this kind of consistent weight loss, I can keep the weight off! I’m following your three suggestions. They’re easy and they make a lot of sense. This patch rocks! Timothy – Manchester, Vermont 2/11/2013
What can I say? 20 pounds in 2-months….Amazing! –Charles – Tarrytown, New York 1/22/2013
I’m a couch potato so I didn’t expect too much. Guess Again! I’ve lost 6 pounds in the last month. Now I’m getting my butt off the couch and I’m going to get back in shape. Roberta – Chico, California 1/17/2013

The customers above, and the thousands of others that have taken the time to call or send us emails have all expressed their thanks to us for sending them a weight loss supplement that is helping them reach their weight loss goals. Our Research & Development Laboratory team has formulated a fat burning supplement that really works, so we hope you’ll give our weight loss patch a trial, because it truly is one incredibly effective fat burning patch!

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