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The Fat Burning Weight Loss Time-Release Patch
A Powerful Advanced Formula With T2 - 7-Keto DHEA- Hoodia Appetite Suppressant –
Berberine HCL - And Clinically Proven Fat Burner Peptides

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Fat Burning Weight Loss Patch

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Now With An Effective Appetite Suppressant

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A Weight Loss Patch That Burns Body Fat Without Strict Diets Or Intense Exercise!
With T2, 7-Keto DHEA, A New Stronger Hoodia Appetite Suppressant, And Berberine HCL

Weight Loss Patch and exerciseWeight Loss Aid Patch and eating healthy If you’ve been disappointed before with fad diets, diet pills that promise rapid weight loss, or some other fat burning patch, we hope you will consider our AgeForce® transdermal time-release Fat Burning weight loss patch because it truly is the most scientifically advanced, powerful, and effective fat burning supplement available!

While diet and exercise are important to any weight management plans, this transdermal time-release patch can help you burn body fat and achieve and maintain your desired weight management goals. Simply apply the transdermal time-release patch and our exclusive fat burning peptide formula is absorbed into your bloodstream where it can help you shed those unwanted pounds and body fat, including that hard to lose deep abdominal body fat!

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Lose Weight Safely and Permanently -Everybody's metabolism, body-type, age, health, and caloric intakes are different, but our patch can help you burn body fat and lose extra pounds. You may want to slim down and lose only a few pounds to fit back into those jeans you were wearing last year, or lose weight for health reasons, or you may want to turn over a new leaf and reverse years of dietary neglect in exchange for a healthier, skinnier body. They're all good reasons to try the transdermal time-release Fat Burning patch.

Our Newest Exclusive Fat Burning Peptide Formula Now Contains T2 (3.5 l-diodothyronine, 7-Keto DHEA, Berberine HCL, And A Stronger Hoodia Appetite Suppressant. - No Other Fat Burning Supplement is formulated with our proven weight loss ingredients, and as important, our time-release formula delivery directly to your bloodstream delivery assures total bioavailability of each of the formula’s nutrients. Here’s the formula and a little about the function of each formula ingredient and the amount of each per patch.
  • Hoodia 15mg – This is a safe and wonderful appetite suppressant. It doesn’t work when taken orally, but when delivered directly to the bloodstream via our patches, it will suppress appetite and those cravings that make it so hard to eat sensibly.

  • EGCG 5mg – From green tea extract is the best-researched anti-inflammatory fat loss adjuvant your money can buy. In its purest form it will elevate fat metabolism and help normalize your glucose levels.

  • Berberine HCL 10mg – is a powerful fat-metabolic enhancer that acts similar to the potent diabetes drug metformin. Just like the prescription medication it acts mainly via an enzyme that's called AMPK. AMPK controls the glucose uptake and fatty acid oxidation in your cells and berberine ramps up both of them. Studies have also shown that berberine can reduce the levels of triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol in your blood, albeit without any of the nasty side effects of prescription drugs with the same effects.

  • 3.5 Diiodothyronine (T2) 1mg – is a downstream metabolite that is a thermogenic activator that promotes the burning of body fat. 3.5 is also the most powerful and effective of the two forms of T2.

  • 7-Keto DHEA 20mg– (7-OXO DHEA) is a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA that cannot convert to estrogen, testosterone or any downstream sex hormone making it a much safer choice for those wanting the well-known weight loss benefits of DHEA. Clinical trials and peer review studies show that 7-Keto DHEA works as a thermo genic that increases metabolic function and thus causes an increase in energy expenditure. This leads to greater calorie utilization with resulting fat loss. 7-Keto DHEA can also accelerate fat loss is through a reduction of cortisol production which place a roll in the storage of new body fat. So 7-Keto DHEA works two ways, by increasing body fat loss and inhibiting new fat storage.

  • Tyr-Somatostatin 5mg - is an advanced peptide that burns body fat without any of the negative effects of so-called “fat-burners” like caffeine, ephedrine, or guarana, that are used in other over-the-counter weight loss supplements and diet pills. Tyr-Somatostatin does not suppress natural thyroid production.

  • R Alpha Lipoic Acid (RLA) 5mg - is a great antioxidant. It is used in the body to break down carbohydrates, and to make energy. It also restores natural levels of vitamin C and vitamin E.

  • Yohimbine 10mg – Increases lipolysis as shown in multiple studies, especially during and following exercise, thus promoting safe, natural weight loss. Yohimbine is a mild stimulant.

  • Hordenine 4mg – Is an alkaloid that occurs naturally in barley and other plants. It stimulates the central nervous system and promotes weight loss by enhancing metabolism.

You'll Never Feel Hyper Or Jittery! Our formula burns body fat without any of the negative effects of so-called “fat-burners” like caffeine, ephedrine, or guarana, that are all commonly found in over-the-counter weight loss supplements and diet pills. Our patches will not cause jitters, racing heartbeat, or elevated blood pressure. The advanced powerful formula has only one effect in the body and that is to oxidize (burn) fat. Period!

You Can Lose Weight And Body Fat Even Without Strict Diets Or Exercise! That's how effective this patch really is! That being said, it will certainly work faster and better and lead to permanent and safe weight loss if you eat sensibly and get regular cardio exercise. Here's an overview of the features and benefits of the patch:

  • Lose Weight
  • Target and burn body fat including deep abdominal fat
  • Moderate Appetite Suppressant
  • Lower body fat ratio by burning stored body fat and setting a barrier to keep new body fat from being produced and stored.
  • Safe and effective for men and women of all ages
  • Will not convert to any downstream sex hormone
  • Great for athletes and all fitness/workout routines to lower body fat ratios
  • Transdermal skin patch with 8-hour time release formula delivery
  • 100% formulated and manufactured in US FDA certified laboratories

improve  your workout with our weight loss patchAdvanced Fat-Burner for Male and Female Athletes Like No Other!Advanced Fat-Burner for Athletes - Our exclusive dual fat burning weight loss patch formula provides awesome results for any man or woman athlete who wants lower body fat ratios. It works great in combination with some of our other patches including our HGH PowerPatch®, our Testo/100® Testosterone Booster patch, and our DHEA patch. Unlike oral diet supplements, the patch delivers the formula directly to blood stream over a period of 8 hours, insuring complete formula metabolization and targeting deep abdominal body fat that no other fat burning supplement can't touch. Bottom line – Any man or woman with a consistent workout or exercise routine, will see results that blow away any other oral fat burner!

If You’re Not Into Exercise Don’t Worry, This Patch Can Still Help You!
Just eat sensibly and watch your body fat melt off every day. That being said, if you can motivate yourself to take a “brisk” 30-45-minute walk 3 or 4 times a week, and eat sensibly, you’ll accelerate the process and enjoy the many health and fitness benefits that even moderate exercise will give you. If you’re not into walking, ride a bike, go for a swim, jog, or play your favorite sport. Anything that elevates your standing heart rate for 30-45 minutes is great cardio exercise. But even if you’re just a “couch potato” this patch will work!

research and development of our weight loss patchtime released weight loss patchThe advantages to direct to bloodstream delivery over oral supplements are grounded in scientific fact! There are hundreds of diet supplements on the market, but they all share one very important drawback: You have to swallow them! As good as some of those formula are, when they are swallowed and enter the stomach, they are subjected to a powerful digestive acid bath that destroys up to 90% of the essential ingredients in the formula, and only that small portion of the formula that survives the digestive acid bath gets into the bloodstream. Now lets compare that to direct to bloodstream delivery: You apply our patch and the formula immediately begins to move through the skin and into your bloodstream directly. This process continues for about 8-hours, and 100% of the formula is delivered into your bloodstream. This gradual introduction of the formula assures complete bioavailability and efficient use of the formula nutrients that work together to help you lose weight by stimulating the burning of body fat. Also, Garcinia and 7-Keto DHEA in the formula helps to reduce the storage of new body fat. This is the advantage of today’s science of transdermal time-release patches! You get 100% of the supplement formula’s dosage, instead of 10% of the formula dosage that survives with pills or capsules! Use this link to learn more about the advantages of transdermal time-release delivery.

Please take a moment to use our Body Mass Index Calculator to see which of the four US-CDC (United States Center For Disease Control & Prevention) weight categories you fall into. Just enter your height and weight and click on “Calculate”. We’ve also posted valuable information about risk factors on this page.

Some Of The Thousands Of Emails We've Received From Customers

Customer Emails

Thanks for your outstanding customers service! It’s not often that a real person answers a company’s phone help line, and even more impressive is that the person I spoke with had the knowledge to really help! I just got my first month’s supply of weight loss fat burner patches and I’m looking forward to loosing weight permanently with them. Victoria – Chicago, IL 4/17/2015

My biggest frustration with losing weight with diets and, or supplements, has been that like most people, I gain most or all of the weight lost back. When I visited your website and read about your Fat Burner Weight Loss patch, I was most interested in your claims that 7-Keto DHEA inhibits the storage of new body fat. That to me was “the promised land”! OK, let’s fast forward 6-months since I started using the patch. I’ve lost 18 pounds. In the beginning I really watched my diet. The last 3-months I am eating more and I am astounded to say I have not gained back any of the 18 pounds lost. Not only is this patch great for losing weight, with the 7-Keto DHEA in the formula; it’s the real deal for ongoing weight management! Clair – New York, NY 4/12/2015
I’ve been using your patches for weight management now for almost a year. I wanted to let you know that when you added Hoodia to the formula they became even more effective for me. I’m one of those people that get up in the middle of the night to visit the refrigerator, so the Hoodia appetite suppressant really helped keep me out of the kitchen late at night. June – Colorado Springs, CO 4/5/2015
I read a few favorable forum posts on AnobolicMinds about your patches, so I thought I would give the Fat Burner Weight Loss patches a trial. I placed a 30-day order and I just placed a 90-day order! Your website was really informative and the patches did exactly what you say about them. Slow, steady weight loss. I don’t sleep to well, so I’m going to give the Melatonin patches a shot! Victor – Miami, FL 3/30/2015
My girlfriend and I took advantage of your New Year’s BOGO sale and ordered your Fat Burner patches. We’ve both let ourselves go and our New Year’s resolution was to loose weight and get back into regular exercise routines. When are you having another BOGO sale? These patches are fantastic! We both lost weight every month! Dale & Sarah – Oakland, CA 3/26/2015
Well, I guess you could call me a gym rat. I work out 4-5 times a week with free weights and resistance machines. I don’t have much body fat, with the exception of that deep abdominal fat. (No matter how many crunches I do!) A friend of mine told me about your fat burner patches so I ordered a 90-day supply to give them a fair trial. It didn’t take 90-days for me to see real positive results. Deep abdominal fat is the toughest fat to loose and your patch is working! Ian – Cleveland, OH 3/13/2015
I’m a personal trainer and for me, and my clients, body fat, and how to lose it is a very important issue! I’ve used your HGH PowerPatch for a few months now and the results I’ve had gave me the confidence to try your Fat Burner patches. OK, fast forward 6-weeks and you can count me as a believer! This patch burns body fat! Feel free to use my email any way you see fit to do so. Rene – Houston, TX 3/4/2015
Thanks for sending out the replacement order so quickly. The mistake with my address was mine, and I really appreciate how your company said “no problem” and sent the replacement order. I can’t wait to try the patches and I will tell friends you’re a legit company, unlike some other online companies I’ve had issues with. Thomas – Philadelphia, PA 2/26/2015
I noticed that you eliminated T2 from your formula, so I called your help line and was told that the US-FDA listed T2 as a banned formula ingredient in dietary supplements. The fact that you reacted so quickly gives me confidence in your company. Nick – New York, NY 2/17/2015
I’ve tried oral Hoodia supplements, but they didn’t dull my appetite. I called and spoke to a nice person in your R&D department and he explained that the liver blocks most of the Hoodia taken orally, and as the patch delivers Hoodia directly to the bloodstream it works. I’ve been using the patches for almost a month, and I’m here to tell you that the Hoodia in your formula works! I definitely notice the difference. Toby – Jacksonville, FL 2/7/2015
Every diet supplement I’ve tried speeded me up like 4-cups of coffee, but not yours. I put the patch on before I go to sleep and take it off in the morning, like you suggested. I sleep great and I’ve lost 2-pounds in the first 3-weeks. Brendan – El Paso, TX 1/29/2015
OMG! I’m finally loosing my stomach fat! This patch rocks! Cynthia – Portland, OR 1/14/2015
I’ll make this short and sweet….5-pounds the first month, 3 pounds the second month, and 4 pounds so far this month! Lucile –Mesa, AZ 1/8/2015
I had to email you guys. Do you have any idea how many different diet pills and diets I’ve tried to lose weight? I wish I had a dollar for each one! You can post my email on your website because the AgeForce patch works! I’m on my 3rd monthly AutoShip and it’s 17 pounds and counting. Alfred – Las Vegas, NEV 12/29/2014
With all the diet supplements to choose from, I selected yours because of the patch delivery system. The science sounded compelling. Wow, am I glad I did! I am losing weight slowly but consistently without changing my diet or exercise routine. Clayton – Fresno, CA 12/24/2014
I must confess I’m a bit of a couch potato. That being said, I’ve lost 5 pounds so far with your patches. Susan – Omaha, NEB 12/14/2014
Finally, a weight loss supplement that works! Brett – Minneapolis, MN 12/4/2014

The customers above, and the thousands of others that have taken the time to call or send us emails have all expressed their thanks to us for sending them a weight loss supplement that is helping them reach their weight loss goals. Our Research & Development Laboratory team has formulated a fat burning supplement that really works, so we hope you’ll give our weight loss patch a trial, because it truly is one incredibly effective fat burning patch!

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