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D + K Skin Patch

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D+K Skin Patch

(12 Patches - One Month Supply)

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It works! I didn't know until I stopped b
I just want you guys to know that this product works. I wore it every other day for a month. I have low vitamin d blood work but during the time I was wearing the patch I felt more energy and had more mental clarity. It was subtle. I think sometimes people expect to have redbull type energy for it to count. I didn't know I was actually feeling better until I stopped taking wearing the patch. My energy dropped. I had to lower my hours at work and things really did change.

I will be ordering again soon and trying the multivitamin as well. Thank you AgeForce !
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Clear thinking
I started taking this patch 3 weeks ago. So far I have discovered that it helps with my concentration levels. I am in my early 50's and have been diagnosed with osteoporosis (10% loss so far) so I am hoping that these patches will help to get my bones back in order (plus diet, plus exercise). I will post another review after my next bone scan.
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