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Testosterone Skin Patch
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Testo/100™ Testosterone Skin Patch
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4.8/5 from 16 ratings.
Summary rating
Works well to fill a real need
2 years ago.
After I passed the age of 60, I began to notice that my body felt like it was losing muscle mass (or density). I was still exercising, but the muscles still kept getting softer and the recovery period kept on growing longer.
I recently started using the Ageforce testosterone-boosting patches. I always give any nutritional supplement a fair shake of two months to see if it helps. It has now been about a month and a half and I am already noticing a dramatic improvement in recovery time after exercising. Another post will follow later as I see how it does with maintaining/increasing muscle mass.
I would also like to mention Ageforce’s DHEA patches. This hormone is a legally available precursor to the formation of testosterone. It’s a major building block. In Florida, there is an inexpensive blood test available for DHEA-S, a widely used test. (Many doctors recommend keeping your DHEA level in the range given for a 25-30 year old male) I was already taking the half month (every other day) patch to meet this goal. I now have changed the timing and “stack” this patch with the Testo patches for the first 5 days of the cycle.

So far, this combination has been working great.
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2 years ago.
Been using now for over six months! I feel stronger and am leaner now than before I started using.
Oh, and I am 67 years old
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Testosterone Patch
2 years ago.
Been Using The Testosterone Patch for over 3 Yearsswith Great results!! I am a personal trainer at ANELLO Body Fitness 
They have kept My Strength and Fitness Levels up so I am an Example to My Clients!!!
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Effective Patches
2 years ago.
These patches are extremely effective at raising test levels.  For me, the initial evidence was breakouts on my back within a week of using.  I have also noticed an improvement in my strength training as well.  I highly recommend these patches for a man looking to naturally raise his testosterone levels.
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Truly No Comparison
2 years ago.
Being a very active older man, I found it necessary to supplement my testosterone for some time now.  I never fell for the over-the-counter products from GNC, Etc., however, I have used injectables as well as oral test boosters.  (some natural, some not so natural)  
I'm naturally skeptical of any "test booster" and blown up claims of libido, muscle mass, etc.  
Transdermal patches were something common in the medical industry for pain prescriptions, and other various treatments, however, I had never considered transdermal for Supplements until I found AgeForce.  

Testo/100 definitely piqued my interest, so I gave it a go, and believe me, IT DELIVERED!   I found myself actually feeling the first signs of it working in my mental/emotional state of mind.  I had more energy, more clarity of focus and more determination than ever. 

IF you're considering testosterone supplementation DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME on any other source.  Believe me, Age Force Testo/100 WILL DO THE TRICK!  

I went so far as to have my Testosterone tested before starting Testo/100 and after 60 days of using it as directed.  My Testosterone levels had jumped into the "high range" of normal and for a man in his 50's that's a miracle.
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2 years ago.
Noticed an improvement in my well being within a few days.  Am stacking with IGF 1 and am seeing good positive results.  My body fat has diminished 2% in two months and I am definitely stronger.   Over all I would recommend this to any man.
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