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HGH PowerPatch   HGH   PowerPatch


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4.7/5 from 46 users. ( 46 reviews.)
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Thank you AgeForce!
My name is Mark age 65 years -8 years ago I was hit by a distracted driver – knee replacements, elbow nerve decompression surgeries as well as back injuries. Off work for one year, weight gain of 60 lbs over next 6 years and even with extensive physio could only manage limited gym workouts which did limit resting pain. Pain meds. are a S.O.B. to tolerate every day.  Decided to order the Power and Maximize patches on a sale. UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS IN 48 Hrs.! In one week increased weight lifts by 20%, sets went from 6 to 16 with notable gains and after workout burns. I haven’t felt a burn in over 10 years. A burn is not soreness but the result of muscle growth. I now do 1.5-2 hrs. every second day with 30 minutes of “Pace:” cardio. I power patch every second day. I am a 6’6 inch 300 lb. x football player and an on and off weight lifter for all my life. Good God I am losing weight (not water weight) because I super hydrate.
Thank you Age Force and my wife says thank you also.  J J J If you think you are done, to old for gains and the quality of life you had in your 30’s think again! Also believe what they say, you do sleep like you  did in your 30’s so maybe buy a new alarm clock if you still work full time, I had to. I also do the DHEA patches which work well.
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No More Injections For Me
Up until 4 months ago, I was using HGH via intermuscular injections. I heard about the AgeForce HGH Patch from a friend in my gym and at his urging I thought I would give them a trial. I purchased a 90-day supply and I have enjoyed the same results! Better yet, I am saving a boat load of money. These Human Growth Hormone supplements are the real deal!
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Power Patch
Sorry this is a duplicate review by accident I think I posted this review originally in the customer service section - because I saw other people had reviewed various patches there...

I have been using the power patch for several years now;  for me it is invaluable in training and recovery.  As far as I know it is the only non-prescription source of real HGH available.  I forget what training and life is like without the power patch -  I recover faster,  I only have occasional soreness from training  (if I push really hard),  and I believe it has incredible health and anti-aging benefits.  Let's just say I look  at least 10 years younger than I am,  have less body fat & more lean muscle and I move like I'm in my early 20s with no pain , no stiffness,  and any injuries I have heal quick!  I was doubtful at first but the long-term benefits are there you just have to be patient.  For those that have used other forms of  HGH,  try the patch and you will notice the same numbness and tingling effects you get when first administering HGH  therapy.  along with deep  uninterrupted sleep. I haven't done bloodwork but that will be coming in the future.  I have had  The BOGO  for this patch for years and I hope it never ceases to be available. Being that my degrees are in exercise physiology & exercise science and I work in the fitness field I wouldn't use or recommend these patches if there was no benefit! 
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Age Force knocks another one out of the park! This patch works as promised. Solid sleep cycle, increased energy, increased strength and endurance. I had tried this patch a couple of years ago and the energy was through the roof! This time around, I have experienced the increased energy but also a solid sleep pattern and increased strength and endurance when lifting. I have noticed an increase in my bench of 15 lbs. in two weeks! As an added bonus, I have noticed fat dropping off like melted butter! Age Force delivers the key to unlock fitness and well being!
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I've been using the HGH patch for about three years and I have to say that I am very pleased with the product.
I workout five days a week and the results have been very good.
My sleep patterns have improved since starting the patch and my energy levels have increased.
There doesn't seem to be  any side effects.
I would recommend this patch to everyone.
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Yea, it works...
Needless to say, it works although not immediately and it doesn't hit you like a truck. HGH is designed to provide consistent, long-lasting results that appear slowly over time, but are highly effective. In terms of my use, I didn't start noticing anything until 2 weeks in, but surely the changes were noticeable. It's a nice extra edge to have. There's really no worry on this item, you won't be let down.
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Power Patch
I've been using the power patch for a few months. I noticed increase in energy and strength. A month ago I  aggravated a old back injury. I've noticed a faster than usual recovery since I've been using the power patch.
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hgh works
I am in my late 50's and this product seems to work for me.  In just 3 months i have noticed more definition  and faster recovery.
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Hgh power patch works
I recently started the hgh power patch and was a little skeptical but decided to give them a shot , there are so many supplements on the market that don't work and these being kinda pricey wasn't sure if i should but i did and am very happy i did , i locked in bogo monthly so its cheaper but they are definitely worth it , i lift 4 days a week and have for a long time , but recently started back my old job building and installing cabinets , which for the last year and a half was sitting at a desk at a computer doing the drafting and design of cabinets, and then goin back to the feild physically was hard on my body and harder to force myself to still lift after work , but with the patches my recovery sleep ... Everything has gotten better quickly, my workouts have actually increased as well , I've dropped weight as well , the patches work and can't wait to try a couple other patches as well , so if u are skeptical like i was , don't be , give them a try , you won't be sorry , thank you ageforce for actually have good products
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Hgh power
16:22:23Have used these for 2 months now and am recovering from my workouts better and notice some increases definition in my muscle. Particularly my wife noticed my back is getting pretty ripped.  Only side effect I noticed is a little restless sleep at night for the first couple of weeks.  I do find the adhesive to a little to sticky ( pulling hairs)
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