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Maximize HGH Secretagogue

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4.8/5 from 25 users. ( 25 reviews.)
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Thank you AgeForce!
My name is Mark age 65 years -8 years ago I was hit by a distracted driver – knee replacements, elbow nerve decompression surgeries as well as back injuries. Off work for one year, weight gain of 60 lbs over next 6 years and even with extensive physio could only manage limited gym workouts which did limit resting pain. Pain meds. are a S.O.B. to tolerate every day.  Decided to order the Power and Maximize patches on a sale. UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS IN 48 Hrs.! In one week increased weight lifts by 20%, sets went from 6 to 16 with notable gains and after workout burns. I haven’t felt a burn in over 10 years. A burn is not soreness but the result of muscle growth. I now do 1.5-2 hrs. every second day with 30 minutes of “Pace:” cardio. I power patch every second day. I am a 6’6 inch 300 lb. x football player and an on and off weight lifter for all my life. Good God I am losing weight (not water weight) because I super hydrate.
Thank you Age Force and my wife says thank you also.  J J J If you think you are done, to old for gains and the quality of life you had in your 30’s think again! Also believe what they say, you do sleep like you  did in your 30’s so maybe buy a new alarm clock if you still work full time, I had to. I also do the DHEA patches which work well.
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HGH Booster
I think I've tried every HGH booster on the market. Sprays, powers, drinks, you name it. None of them work and I have the blood tests to prove it!
I heard about HGH Maximize from my cousin and gave it a try. I'm kind of anal so I took a baseline blood test before I started and after my 60-day test. Guess What?
AgeForce's Maximize HGH Booster works!
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Great comeback!
I have been using this and the Testo patch for 8 weeks with great results! I was on injectable TRT for 2 years and decided to stop. These 2 patches have been nothing short of awesome in bringing my test levels back up. A++
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Works with time invested
Deeper sleep,feeling more rested,decreased pain in joints,and quicker recovery times.
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Skeptically purchased figured I would give them a shot.  Immediately slept better, vivid dreams.  I used during a cutting phase.  Maintained all my muscle and got RIPPED!
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HGH/DHEA are changing my life
I have a lot of health issues including chronic and debilitating headaches. I was having more good days after I started the DHEA, but after adding the HGH, I really am feeling a lot better. My headaches have decreased slightly. I am finally sleeping through the night, my skin, hair and nails are looking much better and stronger. I completely believe that these two patches are bringing a little bit of life back into me each day at a time!
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HGH Maximize- 5 month results
I am a male, age 69, 6'4 265 lbs., blood pressure 149/90. Month 1 and 2 wore patch on my wrist. No noticable change in anything. Month 3 -5 wore two patches Monday, Wednesday, Friday, nothing the other 4 days. Noticeable GH pulse (mild nausea) after 1 hour, followed by a semi erection one hour later. GH pulses occur every 12 hours until the next dosage day. Blood pressure has dropped to 117/67. The Lisinopril the docs had me on for 6 months did nothing. Weight has stayed the same. Much deeper sleep, and dreaming more, and dreams are very real. I have a condition in my chest which prevents strenuous exercise, and the docs don't think I would survive surgery to fix it. So weight exercise to drop weight is limited. I get one hour a day, 4 days a week of cardio on my Nordic Track elyptical which helps. Just enough to work up a good sweat, but not enough to strain anything. All in all, the patch is worth the money at 2 for one.
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Hgh not what you think
I'm first going to start off by saying don't be ignorant like me and not know the truth about what your taking. 

Now with that said I thought hgh was going to make me grow like crazy, not true. 
I didn't do enough research to now what it was. 

What it did do and remember I was only using the patch for 30 days and I wore it on my lower abdomen( there are a few other places where it can be worn) this one just worked best for me. It helped with recovery and I noticed a overall increase in strength. Not just with pr's but in my grip and endurance. 
I wasn't sore or down with joint and muscle pains the next few days after a heavy lifting day. And sleep oh boy I got to sleep and stayed asleep, I'm going to clue you in on why this is so nice ( I haven't been able to sleep in years) not like I should anyways. Even with prescription drugs I didn't sleep as sound as I did when on the hgh patch. Also everyone said I looked healthier ( my have been the sleep may have been the diet but I credit it to the patch.  Overall great product of you know what your using it for.
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Highly Recommend - Better Sleep and Recovery
I'm 58 years old and have been weight training for over 40 years.   I have tried most over the counter supplements and I can honestly say the HGH Maximize patch really does work!  I have noticed a more restful deeper sleep with more vivid dreams and better recovery from my workouts.  My numerous aches and pains are not as noticeable and I feel a more rested each morning.  I would encourage anyone to try these great patches.
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HGH Maximize and Fat Burner
I love the patches, I am starting my second month on the HGH Maximize and the Fat Burner patch.  I have noticed that I am starting to sleep better and waking feeling truly rested.  More energy and great recovery after my workouts.  I have not noticed too much change with the fat burner as of yet, but still know I need to give it time.  I love the ease of using the patches I put them on at night which works best for me.  I am really looking forward to the continued use of the patches and all the positive results ahead of me. 

Thank you!
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