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DHEA Time-Release Patch For Men & Women

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DHEA + Pregnenolone
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Clinical Studies Support the Multiple Benefits Of DHEA Supplements:

  • Increases muscle strength, energy, and endurance
  • Promotes increases in lean muscle tissue
  • Increase libido and sexual performance in men and women
  • Improves Memory and thinking in older people
  • Improve bone mineral density
  • Improvements in female reproductive health & fertility
  • Reduced risks of cardiovascular disease
  • Improvement of Lupus, Alzheimer’s symptoms
  • Increased longevity
  • Erectile dysfunction improvement
  • Improved appearance in skin for older people
  • Helpful in attaining health and fitness goals

DHEA helps athelets of all ages get increased results from their workoutsWhy do we add Pregnenolone to our DHEA time-release patch? regnenolone is often described as the “mother of all hormones." It is found in naturally high concentrations in some areas of the brain and clinical studies show that it improves cognitive and memory functions. Natural levels of DHEA and Pregnenolone decline after we reach our twenties and by the age of 60, levels may have declined by up to 60 percent. By complementing our DHEA nutrients with Pregnenolone we’ve developed an ideal way for you to regain youthful levels of both of these important natural neurosteroid hormones. Some of Pregnenolone's benefits include:

Recover a youthful body and mind. The AgeForce DHEA supplement rebuilds higher levels of DHEA in your body.

  • Longevity and anti-aging health
  • Improved cognitive & memory functions
  • Focus
  • Improved vision and visual perception of colors and patterns
  • Increased energy
  • Build muscle
  • Elevate Libido
  • Increases androgen and estrogen levels in post-menopause
  • Anti-Inflammatory symptom relief

For Any Man Or Woman To Increase Muscle Strength, Energy And Endurance in Workouts Or Exercise

Exercise & a healthy attitude - get more out of your workouts.mature couple eating healthyIf you’re over the age of 30, you should consider a DHEA and Pregnenolone supplement. DHEA levels in the body start to naturally decrease as you grow older. Clinical trials suggest that people with adrenal insufficiency, depression, and systemic lupus, may benefit from DHEA supplementation.


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