BCP-157 Body Protection Compound

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BCP-157 Body Protection Compound     BPC-157 Body Protection Compound    BCP-157 Body Protection Compound
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About BCP-157 Body Protection Compound

About Our Advanced Direct To Bloodstream Time-Release Delivery Formula

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More About BPC-157 And Peptides

Peptides are essentially a chain of amino acids that benefit the body and its multiple basic functions, health, fitness, and well being. BPC stands for body protective compound. This compound (BPC-157) is derived from the gastric liquids found in the stomach.

Research studies and dozens of clinical trials have shown BPC-157 to have considerable biological healing properties. It was originally used to help heal inflammatory bowl disease and gastric ulcers. That being said, this is not just a supplement for people with stomach issues. BPC-157 helps the healing of torn or damaged muscles, tendons, bone density repair, and it affords general protection for organs. Also, many people have successfully used this peptide to eliminate stomach issues caused from NSAID overuse.

Intense workouts and, or exercise can cause muscle, tendon and ligament issues. BPC-157 can help heal the sore knees, pulled hamstrings or sprained ankles.

Up until the introduction of our new patch, the most common way to supplement with BPC-157 has been via injection or sublingual pills or liquid. These methods were, and are problematical in that getting the correct daily dosage is difficult, and that BPC-157 is highly unstable in liquid form. Now with our new BPC-157 time-release transdermal patch, both of those issues are non-issues. The patch delivers the correct daily dosage over the 8-hour time-release function of the patch and our “formula-in-adhesive” patches insure 100% stability.

This patch is awesome for men and woman at any age! If you have not already placed an order, give it a trial.

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