Staying Healthy with Digestive Problems

Staying Healthy with Digestive ProblemsOur digestive system is a powerful working piece of machinery. If you are one of the more fortunate, you don’t even give it a second thought. Eat food, it does its thing and waste comes out. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Many issues can pop up in your digestive life that can cause real problems for everyday eating.

One of the most common is acid reflux. Whether you ate too much food or that greasy cheeseburger is not agreeing with you, heartburn can be a real hassle. Most times watching the types of food you eat can eliminate acid problems. However, a more serious problem called GERD, a more chronic type of acid reflux issue, can be more difficult to control. IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is another more serious type of digestive issue. This can often begin in our teens and is twice as likely to affect women versus men. This can cause nausea, cramps, constipation, and diarrhea. The good thing is IBS can be controlled with lifestyle changes and medications.

The best place to start is with a healthy clean diet. Making sure you consume plenty of fruits and vegetables along with quality grains, lean protein, such as chicken & fish. If at all possible avoid high fat food, processed foods and junk food. These can all trigger very bad symptoms of GERD or IBS. Pay attention to how your body is feeling and what your body needs versus what you think you want. Maintaining a consistent diet of healthy foods will keep digestive discomfort at bay. Adding quality transdermal skin patches for that extra boost of vitamins, omega fatty acids and sleep are also just a few things that will keep you on the “feel good” track of life. Health and fitness doesn’t have to be an obstacle. With a little common sense, daily exercise, good food and supplemental health boosters, living a quality life can be as easy as making the right decisions.

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