Intermittent Fasting Can Help Prevent Alzheimer's

Intermittent Fasting can help prevent Alzheimer'sWatching what you eat and counting calories is a good idea for anyone who is health conscious. Diets can benefit people in a number of ways. They can obviously help you lose weight. They also improve eating habits while helping to focus on better and more nutritious foods. However, one type of diet could help you battle the war on aging and promote better brain health. This type of diet is called intermittent fasting. Eating in this manner drastically reduces the amount of foods you consume for short periods of time and could possibly delay Alzheimer’s symptoms and boost health.

Many studies have been done on animals and the benefits of intermittent fasting. According to the National Institute of Aging, studies on mice and this type of diet substantially improved heart health and prevented symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Fasting in this way improves cognition by way of learning and improved memory along with protecting nerve cells from degeneration. Scientists agree that more human studies need to be performed before all of the health benefits of intermittent fasting are known. According to one participant in particular, the results from a type of fasting called Prolon are very noticeable. He claimed to feel more productive and focused on his daily workload. There are 3 main types of fasting in this manner. The first is the 5:2 plan. This lets you eat normally five days per week and eat less than 600 calories the remaining two days. Alternating days is the next. This is just as it sounds. One day you eat regular the next you eat less than 600 calories then repeat. The third is a daily time restriction fasting that allows you to eat normally between noon and 8pm. As with any eating plan, consistency is the key to success. Reducing your food intake can cause a binge eating effect which defeats the whole purpose. If you have a history of Alzheimer’s, giving this diet a try may benefit you a lot more than just a number on a scale.

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