Cinnamon For Fat Burning

Cinnamon For Fat BurningObesity is growing at a rate that many doctors fear could be hard to control. The majority of foods, especially processed, have unhealthy additives that are not meant for our bodies. However, new research has shown that one sweet addition may have the opposite effect. This holiday ingredient is cinnamon and it just might help reduce obesity. Cinnamaldehyde is the oil that gives cinnamon it’s flavor. Researchers have tested this oil on mice to show its effects on hyperglycemia and obesity. The results were positive, so the next step was a human trial. Cinnamaldehyde seemed to increase metabolic health by attacking fat cells directly causing them to begin burning energy through thermogenesis.

A large group of people who varied in age, race and body mass had their fat cells treated with cinnamon oil. Scientists noticed a change in these fat cells that showed to boost lipid metabolism and increase thermogenesis. Fat cells generally store energy in the form of lipids. This is a long term storage process that allows fat to be used for energy. This was more necessary for our caveman ancestors since food was scarce and climate was cold. This process was needed then but now has become a health problem for many people. During the search for ways to improve health, cinnamon treatment has been studied. Since many people enjoy cinnamon, the idea of using this oil as a fat burning catalyst isn’t a far reach. The researchers don’t suggest over indulgence of cinnamon, but adding this sweet treat to your meals could help people increase the fat burning process and become healthier as well. Much more research needs to be done in order to pinpoint how to best use cinnamon for thermogenesis, but for now go ahead and enjoy a little sweet spice in your food and drink. More energy and less fat is just a great bonus!

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