Owning a Dog Boosts Heart Health

Owning a Dog Boosts Heart HealthIf you could wish for anything in life, what would it be? All of the money you would ever need, the nicest car or house. These are all good choices, but health and happiness are the key ingredients for longevity. Eating quality foods, using supplemental health boosters such as transdermal skin patches and exercise are three great building blocks for a long healthy life. What if there was one more simple and beneficial addition that would boost health and well- being .Luckily there is, owning a dog.

Dogs are great protection, best friends, and turns out can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and death. According to a recent Swedish study, dogs can do just that. Researchers followed 3.4 million people over a 12 year period. They found that people who lived alone but owned a dog were 33 percent less likely to die during the duration of this study versus those who did not own a dog and lived alone. Dog owners were also 36 percent less likely to suffer a deadly cardiovascular issue as well. The actual reason for people with dogs living longer and with less heart problems isn’t exactly known, but even those who lived with other loved ones had a lower mortality rate if they had a canine companion. The most obvious reasons could be walking and exercising your dog keeps you healthier and taking care of your pooch gives you purpose as well as companionship. Whatever the reasons behind it, having a furry friend can and does boost a persons quality of life and longevity. As a bonus; with all of the dogs in need of homes and love; you should have no problem finding that perfect buddy to spend your days with.

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