Obesity and Fat Cells

Obesity and Fat CellsObesity can be caused by a number of factors. Genetics, lack of exercise and poor diet choices are a few. As people age the number of fat cells increase into adulthood and then level off. Unfortunately fat cells expand and contract with weight changes. Fat cells eventually die only to be replaced by new ones. This process happening at about ten percent each year. People who lose a large amount of weight from diet, exercise or surgery still have the same number of fat cells, they are just smaller in size.

People who are overweight tend to have more fat cells than skinny people. Even after weight reduction surgery the number of fat cells increase if weight is regained.

Fat cells or adipocytes not only store fat, they also secrete proteins and hormones that affect energy and metabolism. After a person undergoes weight loss by any means fat cells become smaller, even smaller than a person with the same body mass index (BMI). Doctors don’t know why people regain weight, but one possibility is that the smaller fat cells send signals to the body to increase appetite and fat storage. This could be one explanation as to why keeping the weight off is so different for many people. The best tried and true method to staying healthy is exercise, diet and quality supplements. 30 minutes of moderate exercise will help keep weight under control, the mind sharp and the body healthy. Adding a natural fat burning supplement such as a weight management transdermal skin patch can give you the extra hand you need to stay fit. In the long run, good quality foods and staying active will generally give you the desired results you are looking for. If weight is still an issue or causes health problems, talk to a doctor about your options. After all being happy and healthy is the ultimate goal for a long life.

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