Testosterone - It's what Makes a Man

Testosterone - It's what Makes a ManWhat makes a man a man? Some will say being responsible and taking care of family. Others would say working hard and protecting people. These are all true but the biggest thing is testosterone. Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced mainly in the testes. As boys become men in their teen years, testosterone is abundant. It is responsible for body hair growth, muscle mass, deepening of the voice among other things. Throughout our 20s and 30s testosterone is at its highest level.

Unfortunately as men reach 40 and beyond the levels start to decrease causing the body to change in many ways. Having less of this male hormone results in a loss of muscle mass, increases in body fat and less energy and focus. Low testosterone levels also bring about negative medical issues as well. Depression, bone weakness, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and Alzheimer’s can all be side effects of low testosterone levels. Even though many low T levels can be viewed as superficial, many are a real health concern and should e addressed. Many men opt for testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. This is when synthetic testosterone is injected once per week for the rest of your life.

If this sounds like a big commitment, it is. Think about getting a weekly shot for 30,40, or 50 years until you die. That is a lot to undertake. Thankfully that is not the only answer. Natural testosterone boosters are a great alternative. With natural compounds such as arimistane, stinging nettle root, 7-hydroxyflavone, muira pauma, fenugreek and forskolin a boost in testosterone is possible. This formula is available in an easy to use transdermal skin patch. Using this patch provides all the benefits that time or medical condition has taken away. No needles or expensive doctor appointments are needed simply stick a patch on your skin and start reaping the rewards of a younger feeling and more vibrant you. What makes a man a man? Using these transdermal skin patches will show you.

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