Caffeine to Improve Your Athletic Performance

Caffeine to Improve Your Athletic PerformanceEveryone who spends time and energy working out in the gym or just staying in healthy condition knows that any little extra boost will help achieve your goals. One of these boosters is good ole caffeine. Whether it's plain coffee or one of the many energy drinks, a little extra kick from caffeine can play a huge role when you are in the exercise zone.

Countless research studies have proven that consuming caffeine before your workout gives you an extra edge up on your competition. Many people partake in some form of caffeinated drinks, most of which is coffee. For many of us as the years add up, so do the number of cups of java we consume each day. Normally as our body becomes used to a substance, we must add more to get the same result.

Since many athletes use caffeine to stay on top of their game, a group of scientists decided to study this theory. Consuming caffeine an hour or so before strenuous exercise will no doubt help performance, but what about those who drink caffeine everyday? A research group took 40 professional male cyclists and tested this theory.

After dividing the group into a light, medium, and heavy caffeine consumption sub groups, all riders we given a 30 minute time trial. Each rider was given a pill containing either 400mg of caffeine, a placebo pill with no caffeine or no pill at all. After completing this 3 times the information was recorded.

The riders who used caffeine were almost 3.5 percent faster than no pill at all. This transfers to several minutes during a real race. This study shows us that regardless how often you use caffeine, adding a dose before exercise will boost results.

This is true for newbies and regular caffeine drinkers. This does not mean that more is better. Using common sense and listening to your body will keep you healthy and hopefully ahead of the competition.

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