Ways to Boost Heart Health

Ways to Boost Heart HealthWithin the last half century, the rate of death caused by heart disease in the United States has dropped almost 70 percent. The death rate for stroke is also down by 80 percent. This is great news as the years go by and less heart attacks and strokes are claiming lives, but we still have a big fight on our hands. Even though the death rate is lower, cardiovascular disease is still a prevalent killer. Factors such as obesity and diabetes are actually on the rise. The only difference is the medical and pharmaceutical advancements. This is good for anyone that currently is having a specific issue, but living a life full of pills and medical procedures is not really living at all. The best solution to these health problems is prevention. This sounds, and sometimes is, easier said than done. However, with enough information and determination, changing your lifestyle for the better is something we can all do. Here are a few of the easiest lifestyle alterations you can do for a full happy life.

  1. Riding a bike 20 minutes everyday can keep heart problems on the sideline and give you energy to power through your day.

  2. Eating a few pieces of dark chocolate every day will help that sweet tooth and improve heart health. Dark chocolate has flavonoids that help keep our arteries flexible and prevents plaque from building up. Remember it must be dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is high in fat which causes cholesterol to increase.

  3. Taking Vitamin B Complex everyday decreases the possibility of a heart issue. Research has shown that B vitamins lower homocysteine levels. This resulted in a 40 percent less likely chance of heart disease. The subjects that took Vitamin B also had wider, free flowing blood vessels.

These are only a few lifestyle changes that will produce a healthier you. Adding a sensible diet and exercise to your daily routine will keep you happy and away from the hospital bed. You only have one chance at a good life so make it as healthy as you can.

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