4 Ways To Increase Collagen Production In Your Skin

4 Ways To Increase Collagen Production In Your SkinLooking younger is a priority for most people, including men as we age. It's hard enough living with the physical limitations that aging brings on, let alone looking just as tired.

The reason skin starts to lose its firmness and wrinkles set in is caused by a lack of collagen. Collagen is the most plentiful type of protein in the body. It's found in tendons, muscles, bones, and even the digestive system.

Unfortunately as we age our body produces less collagen causing visual cues of age as well as stiff joints.

Boosting collagen has been a path to looking younger for decades. Many creams claim to add collagen to their products to help the skin retain its youthful appearance. However, collagen does not have the capability of permeating deep enough into the skin to give much of a benefit. This doesn't mean that all is lost. Add certain dietary supplements and certain real foods will help boost collagen levels naturally. Here are a few ways to get back that smooth, bouncy skin that you had in your youth.

  1. Vitamin C: Since the body can not produce its own Vitamin C, adding a supplement or real foods high in this vitamin will help protect the skin and produce more collagen.

  2. Hyaluronic Acid: This compound is found in amino acids rich foods such as soy and beans. Whether consumed in real food or supplement form, a boost in natural levels of collagen can be the result.

  3. Aloe Vera Gel: Most commonly used for burns or rashes on the skin, Aloe Vera has been shown to aid in a more youthful appearance. Used in oral form, aloe sterols doubled the collagen production in participants along with reducing visually wrinkles of the skin.

  4. Retinol: This antioxidant is also a collagen booster for the skin. Along with boosting levels, Retinol blocks collagen destroying enzymes, making this a one-two punch in the anti-aging fight.

Since everyone is different, trying all avenues of looking younger is a must. Either way, added quality foods will make you feel better and we generally look as good as we feel.

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