Healthy Heart Blueprint: How To Make Heart Strong and Healthy Naturally

Healthy Heart Blueprint: How To Make Heart Strong and Healthy NaturallyExercise and fitness is about burning fat and building muscle. Whether it's those bulging biceps or those washboard abs, muscles definitely get the attention. One of the strongest and probably the most important muscle is the heart.

The human heart is designed to beat over 3 billion times during the life of the average person. Unlike those ripped abs, a healthy heart is a must for longevity.

This brings to light the best way to keep this pumping muscle performing at its peak ability. When asked, people were split between diet and exercise being the best method to boost heart health. Well, a recent research study has shown that it doesn't matter which you choose as long as the pounds drop off in the process.

A group of candidates in the age range in the 40-65 year old age range were chosen to test the theory. After dividing into three groups, one group decreased calories by 20 percent, the second boosted physical activity by 20 percent and the last group ate 10 percent fewer calories while increasing exercise by 10 percent.

After completing the study, researchers found that all of the individuals improved heart health. Resting heart rate was between 60-100 beats per minute and blood pressure dropped as well as lower cholesterol numbers.

The key factor to the improvements was a lose in weight. This benefited those who lost at least 7 percent of their body weight with a 22 percent reduction in risk of heart disease. The study suggests that gaining weight causes minute blood vessel damage.

As a result our body increases inflammation to repair this damage. In time this leads to plaque buildup and cardiovascular problems. This study shows us a basic blueprint for a heart healthy life. With the combination of a good diet, transdermal weight loss patch and daily exercise heart health is sure to follow.

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