Does Sitting In A Hot Tub Make You Lose Weight or Burn Calories

Does Sitting In A Hot Tub Make You Lose Weight or Burn CaloriesWhen it comes to taking care of your body and preserving health for the long haul, trying something unorthodox may be the answer to your problems. Countless numbers of supplements, vitamins and special workouts have claimed to be the next best thing for improved health.

Most of these fads require a crazy diet or intensely difficult exercise routine, and even then the outcome may be questionable. This is not the case according to one researcher at an English university. His area of study has shown positive results from something that almost everyone loves but may not have the time to enjoy.

I'm talking about an enjoyable soak in a hot tub of water. This may sound like wishful thinking but evidence has shown otherwise. Relaxing in a hot bath, bubbles optional, could have the same results as exercising when it comes to your health. “Passive heating “ or soaking in the hot tub for a period of time helped to burn calories and control blood sugar.

Although a small group was tested, the results prove the findings. 14 people were instructed to soak in a bath for one hour in 104 degree water. The second test had this same group out on a one hour long bike ride.

Both tests were designed to increase the body's core temperature by 1 degree. This allowed the research team to measure how many calories were burned during each session. Even though riding a bike burned more calories than relaxing in a bath, the hot tub used as many calories as a 30 minute walk.

Blood sugar levels were approximately the same between the two but blood sugar after a meal was 10 percent lower after the bath compared to the cycling. Any type of exercise boosts anti inflammatory responses which help our immune system fight diseases.

Remember the next time you feel the need to burn body fat & calories, hop in the tub for a nice long soak. Relaxing and boosting health can't get much more enjoyable.

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