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New Therapy For Common Problem

New Therapy For Common ProblemMillions of people suffer with health conditions that affect daily life and require some type of medication to control the issues. It seems like every week the FDA is releasing a new breakthrough drug to help with “this” or “that”. Unfortunately more times than not these drugs come with side effects, many of which are worse than the problem they are being taken for.

A few of the more common health problems are cardiovascular related, migraine headaches, or high blood pressure.

A trip to the doctor for any of these issues will almost guarantee some type of medication to control the negative impacts of the illness. Fortunately scientists at an Arizona university have come up with a noninvasive and no drug remedy to help people live with and overcome some of these common health concerns. This new method is called HIRREM or high resolution relational resonance based electroencephalogram mirroring.

Basically this method uses sound to balance left and right side brain frequencies. Sensors placed on the scalp measure electrical activity in the brain, detect imbalances or hyperactivity.

An imbalance or having one side of the brain more dominant and active is associated with higher stress levels. This can and does lead to migraines, insomnia, high blood pressure and more. As the machine measures brain signals, audible sounds are pumped through ear buds which help to balance out the brain and its activity.

Research results were nothing short of amazing. After 17 sessions in 10 days patients showed an average decrease in systolic blood pressure from 152mm down to 136mm. The diastolic pressure dropped from 97mm to 81mm! Stress, anxiety, migraines and insomnia showed a dramatic drop as well. More research is underway, but initial findings show very impressive (like skin patches play a big role in new treatment techniques) and safe results.

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