5 Negative Effects of the Lack of Exercising

5 Negative Effects of the Lack of ExercisingStarting fitness routine and sticking to it is probably the hardest part of becoming healthy. As real life gets in the way with sickness, extra work at your job or family issues, staying active can become a chore. This is a common problem for many people and unfortunately it has dire consequences on your body and mind.

  1. Blood pressure increases

Exercise causes your blood pressure to rise. As you repeat daily fitness your resting blood pressure lowers and you become healthier. If a change occurs and you can't be physical, blood vessels adapt and in just 2 short weeks resting blood pressure starts to increase.

  1. Loss of muscle and increase in fat.

After only three days of skipping exercises a change will start to happen and not in a good way. Muscle mass will decrease and body fat will increase. As this happens you will lose strength and will become tired more easily.

  1. Metabolism and fat storage will increase.

If you are a daily gym goer or a consistent runner, stopping all of a sudden will slow metabolism and fat storage will increase. It only takes a few weeks for this to happen. In order to keep the weight down you will need to reduce calories and really be conscious of the types of foods you eat until you can get back on track with your physical fitness.

  1. Blood sugar will rise.

In less than 1 week without exercise blood sugar will rise. This can be a real problem for diabetics. Blood glucose rises after you eat, and without exercise the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues can pose a threat to your health.

  1. Mental outlook declines.

Anyone who exercises regularly knows that you always feel better after a good workout. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain to ward off depression. Missing workouts not only makes you weak it makes you unhappy.

The upside to all this negativity is, the benefits of exercise will return after a week or so back at it. Problems are always going to arise, just don't let exercise or your health be the victim.

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