More Medications Causing More Problems

More Medications Causing More ProblemsOn a daily basis, someone somewhere is taking part in scientific research to better our existence. Whether it is an environmental issue or finding a cure for disease, improving our time on this planet is crucial.

Since health and the human body is one of the most researched subjects, it's no surprise that prescription drugs and their effects are on the top of the most studied list.

It's safe to say that almost every American has had some type of medication prescribed by a doctor.

This has become almost a staple in the daily life of our existence in the modern day. Many drugs are safe and many are necessary for healthy living. The problem begins when medications start to compound and before you know it, a handful of bottles becomes the norm.

Research analysis of 2,000 patients aged 50 to 75 who took various numbers of medications were followed in periods of 2, 5, 8, and 11 years. The research set out to provide information about people taking 0-4 medications daily, 5-9 medications daily and finally 10 or more.

After adjusting for various differences in patients, research has shown that people taking 5 or more prescriptions daily were twice as likely to become frail and weak leading to disability and even death within 3 years.

Those individuals who took 4 or less medications had very little to no issues. However, information gathered has shown that side effects are often a problem while taking any multiples of medications.

These risks were increased greatly for people prescribed five or more daily medications. Ideally your doctor should consult with your pharmacist and a geriatrician to find the best regiment of medications for you as you age.

Regardless of age, many medications have interactions with each other and finding alternative remedies for our ailments is the best way to avoid health problems caused by the exact thing meant to help us.

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