The Truth About Common Fitness Myths – Top 3 Fitness Myths

The Truth About Common Fitness Myths – Top 3 Fitness MythsIt's common knowledge that everyone needs to be active and exercise everyday. Some people are die hard gym goers and some just like nice walk. Either one is good for your overall health but adding resistance or weight training can give you the extra boost you need. Many people have a misconception of lifting weights. Here are some myths that aren't really true at all.

  1. Building muscle is the same as bulking up.

Even though you hit the cardio like a madman, avoiding the weights is holding you back. Adding weights to your exercise routine will improve muscle strength, boost endurance and metabolism. For the average person lifting weights and eating good will result in a wonderfully toned body, not a bodybuilder physique.

  1. Light weight won't increase strength.

Most people think that you must lift as heavy as possible to improve muscle tone. What really matters is how hard you train and the fatigue your muscles endure. It's always best to get your form correct amount hen add weight as you feel comfortable with the movements. Lighter weight may take longer to fatigue your muscles but the results will come.

  1. Certain exercises will lengthen your muscles.

This is completely false. We are all born will the length of muscles we are going to have regardless of exercise type. Some exercises such as yoga or swimming will help burn body fat and give the illusion of longer leaner muscles but the actual length is the same. Either way, if you get the desired look and effects you strive for, you have accomplished your goals.

At least 30 minutes of exercise everyday is recommended. If you stick to a good routine, eat healthy, and get good sleep , the body you always wanted will be looking back at you in the mirror.

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