Top 6 Benefits of Vitamin B12

Top 6 Benefits of Vitamin B12Every vitamin and mineral found in the foods we eat are crucial to living a healthy life. Add the 30 minutes of daily exercise we all need and you have a solid plan to look and feel good.

One of the most important vitamins is B12. This essential nutrient is normally called “brain food”and can be found in fish, meat, eggs and dairy food. Unfortunately almost 40% or 1.3 million Americans have low levels of B12. If this is the case energy levels are compromised and your brain may feel sluggish and foggy.

B12 doesn't just benefit your brain and energy levels. It has a host of positive effects on the whole body. Here are a few benefits of getting enough B12 in our system.

  1. Energy boost

B12 creates energy in our body by feeding our cells. This means that everyday activities and thinking are much easier with B12.

  1. B12 prevents nerve damage.

Nerves have a protective cover to protect against toxins in the blood. Without this protection nerves are damaged and may die causing a disruption of signals to and from the brain.

  1. B12 protects the heart.

Your entire cardiovascular system needs B12 to remove a dangerous protein called homocysteine. If this protein lingers in the blood artery damage, inflammation and heart disease can be the result.

  1. Beneficial to bones.

Most studies show that people with osteoporosis have higher levels of homocysteine and low levels of B12. Adding B12 can keep bones strong and healthy your whole life.

  1. B12 boosts mood.

Serotonin is a chemical used by the brain to make us happy. A lack of B12 can put you in a downer mood and could lead to depression.

  1. B12 helps you look and feel younger.

Getting the correct amount of B12 protects cells from aging as well as removing toxins from the blood. This in turn keeps you looking and feeling younger.

As you can see adding a quality B12 vitamin such as a transdermal skin patch has many benefits that can keep you moving and feeling good everyday of your life.

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