DHEA is the most available steroid in the blood stream

low levels of DHEA causes dry skinGet healthy quick scams and products are as abundant as ever these days. Every commercial or ad shows some type of pill or supplement that claims to help where you need it to. While most of these are just big talk, one product is a game changer for millions of people. I am talking about Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA. DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands most abundantly and also by the testes, ovaries and the brain in a lesser extent. It has been recognized as the most available steroid in the blood stream. Some researchers have called it one of the “master” hormones because DHEA is responsible for proper production levels of estrogen and testosterone.

Unfortunately as with many hormones in our body as we age DHEA levels decline causing a host of health issues. When levels are at their prime in our 20’s things are usually good. As time goes by DHEA levels drop about 2% per year. After age 40 the side effects of having low levels of DHEA are prominent. Some of the tell tale signs that you have low DHEA levels are very common and some times overlooked as other things. Symptoms include anxiety, decreased libido for men and women, worsening memory, dry skin and hair and bone weakness. Other things such as excess sugar, nicotine, alcohol and caffeine contribute to low levels of DHEA as well.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be a problem you have to live with. Supplementing your body with DHEA products can reverse many of the bad effects of low DHEA. The best way to utilize a DHEA product is the transdermal method. Since oral DHEA is destroyed by the stomach and liver, transdermal skin patches are the best alternative. This delivery method gets the “good stuff “ right into the bloodstream where it can immediately go to work. Within weeks more energy and focus can be felt and cortisol levels are decreased. This results in lower body fat and improved muscle tone. Research has also shown that those people with Alzheimer’s have low levels of DHEA. If you are looking for a little help to reduce fatigue and anxiety while boosting focus then look into DHEA. This could be the life changer you never knew you needed.

Flu Season Is Coming

Flu season is coming. Are you ready?Fall has just hit us and winter will be fast approaching. Whether you live in a cold region or enjoy the sunny beaches during the winter months, you will no doubt be affected by the flu. Flu season is coming and the results are never good. Fortunately scientists have been studying a protein called RC-101. The results have shown to improve symptoms and decrease the death rate from the flu. This protein is different than others before it because it not only targets the influenza virus, it also targets the inflammation that causes so many issues for people.

Many people get sick each year and say “I have the flu”. Although they may have influenza, other viruses mimic the flu, though not as severe. Influenza is serious enough to kill thousands of people each year despite many getting the flu shot. Hopefully in the future RC-101 will be used in a clinic setting. To test the theory of RC-101 and its uses, scientists have performed studies with human genes and the influenza virus. One group was given RC-101 and the other a placebo. The placebo group proceeded to die and show normal signs of sickness, while the RC-101 group had shown great improvement within 2 days. RC-101 group showed less severe symptoms and became healthy quicker.

Regardless of the treatment used, our own immune system is responsible for killing off whatever is ailing us. Keeping yourself in good physical condition, eating a healthy diet and exercise will go a long way to keep you on your feet and out of the sick bed. Adding an anti-inflammation supplement to your life can make a huge difference. Natural things like ginger, turmeric, oregano, holy basil, skull cap, and Boswellia can be found in a convenient transdermal skin patch. These ingredients alone will help put a stop to inflammation of many kinds and possibly keep any harmful sickness at bay.

Exercise Your Self-Control

Exercise Your Self-ControlSelf-control is one of those things in life that is natural or acquired. Since temptations of all kinds are everywhere, self-control is also a necessity. Although there are countless amounts of drugs on the market to control our brains and improve impulse control, the most natural and safest may be exercise.

Holding yourself back while eating at the buffet or while in the candy store definitely takes self-control. If we all just did whatever we wanted without fear of the consequences the world would be very unhealthy. Even though pharmaceuticals and therapy may help some people, they don’t help everyone and drugs can be very bad for many.

In order to test the exercise theory researchers recruited a dozen women of different ages, weights and fitness levels. These women completed a questionnaire about self-control and temptations. Next they started a exercise routine consisting of walking and jogging 3 times per week for 45 minutes. Each week the same questions were asked. By the end of the testing, all of those who completed every round had a greater self-control level and less impulsive behavior.

This test also showed that the more intense the exercise was the more improvement was shown in self-control and cravings.

This just goes to show that if you put in a little hard work, you will not only have a healthier body but a stronger mind as well.

Ways to become Healthy and stay that way

Ways to become Healthy and stay that wayThese days everyone is concerned with becoming healthy and staying that way. Even though this sounds simple, many people have a hard time accomplishing this. Being healthy doesn’t mean you are ready to run a marathon or play professional sports. It just means that you feel great about yourself and your body shows it. Here are a few steps you can take to get your mind and body in, or back in a great happy and healthy shape.

  1. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Most people think of diet when you bring up being healthy. This is true, but sleeping the correct amount will set you up for accomplishing your goals and feeling great. Without sleep, the risk of heart issues goes up by 27%. Lack of sleep increases cortisol levels which can make blood pressure skyrocket. Once you get into a good sleep pattern, other areas of your life become easier. Sugar cravings go down, focus improves and energy increases. If getting a good night sleep is a problem, try Melatonin to get your ZZZ’s.

  2. Eat the right foods. When you eat fast food or processed food your body is always up and down. Sugar spikes and fats make you sluggish. Adding protein to your daily diet will keep you full longer, give your muscles the nutrients they need and looking better never hurt anyone. Try for 20-30 percent of your diet to be protein. You will see a difference in no time.

  3. Control inflammation. Arthritis pain and stiffness is natural and generally comes with age and injury. Although inflammation is a natural response, too much can wreak havoc on the body. Instead of taking a pharmaceutical drug, try natural remedies found in nature. Adding curcumin and boswellia has shown to be more effective and safer than prescription drugs.

Just by following these few steps you will be on your way to a healthier and happier you.

Testosterone - It's what Makes a Man

Testosterone - It's what Makes a ManWhat makes a man a man? Some will say being responsible and taking care of family. Others would say working hard and protecting people. These are all true but the biggest thing is testosterone. Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced mainly in the testes. As boys become men in their teen years, testosterone is abundant. It is responsible for body hair growth, muscle mass, deepening of the voice among other things. Throughout our 20s and 30s testosterone is at its highest level.

Unfortunately as men reach 40 and beyond the levels start to decrease causing the body to change in many ways. Having less of this male hormone results in a loss of muscle mass, increases in body fat and less energy and focus. Low testosterone levels also bring about negative medical issues as well. Depression, bone weakness, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and Alzheimer’s can all be side effects of low testosterone levels. Even though many low T levels can be viewed as superficial, many are a real health concern and should e addressed. Many men opt for testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. This is when synthetic testosterone is injected once per week for the rest of your life.

If this sounds like a big commitment, it is. Think about getting a weekly shot for 30,40, or 50 years until you die. That is a lot to undertake. Thankfully that is not the only answer. Natural testosterone boosters are a great alternative. With natural compounds such as arimistane, stinging nettle root, 7-hydroxyflavone, muira pauma, fenugreek and forskolin a boost in testosterone is possible. This formula is available in an easy to use transdermal skin patch. Using this patch provides all the benefits that time or medical condition has taken away. No needles or expensive doctor appointments are needed simply stick a patch on your skin and start reaping the rewards of a younger feeling and more vibrant you. What makes a man a man? Using these transdermal skin patches will show you.

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