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Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut OilNatural products are all the rage in health, beauty and general wellness all around the world. One of the most beneficial and widely used products is coconut oil. The coconut is found in many tropical locations around the globe. Although it has nut in its name, the coconut is actually a fruit, and a very useful one at that.

The most common use for this warm climate oil is skin care. Used in many massage products and skin creams, coconut oil prevents dry skin and slows the appearance of wrinkles and aging because of its high antioxidant properties. Coconut oil is also useful for hair health. Boosting growth, improving shine and eliminating dandruff are a few of its excellent qualities. However, coconut oil is also very useful when taken orally.

Since this oil has about 50% Lauric acid, adding coconut oil to your diet prevents heart problems such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Weight loss is also boosted by increased metabolism leading to more energy and less stress on the pancreas. An increased immunity boost can also be expected from the antiviral properties found naturally in this tropical oil.

Adding a small amount daily can aid in digestion by eliminating bacteria, fungi, and parasites that normally causes upset stomach. Since coconut oil boosts calcium absorption, boost HGH, stronger teeth, less plaque and gingivitis has also been shown to be benefits of use.

When used as a topical agent, coconut oil forms a protective layer on the skin to shield infected areas from bacteria, dirt and viruses it has also been shown to speed the healing of bruises.

As an all around healing product, coconut oil can benefit your body in many ways. Whether you apply it to the skin, hair or consume it orally, a younger, healthier body has been the result in many studies around the world.

Benefits of Transdermal Skin Patch

Benefits of Transdermal Skin PatchVitamins, minerals, and various supplements come in many forms. They are designed to boost energy, add focus, improve sleep or just provide the extra nutrition that your body needs. Whether it's pills, powders, liquids or injections many don't benefit the user as well as they could. This is where the transdermal skin patch comes into play.

Transdermal skin patches are just as they sound. An adhesive coated patch containing whatever supplement or vitamin you need to improve health and wellbeing. The first very primitive example of this technology was used in ancient China.

A plaster like medicated substance was smeared on the skin and allowed to dry. This allowed the medication to be absorbed directly to the bloodstream through the skin.

This idea was improved in 1979 when the first adhesive style motion sickness patch was invented. Approximately one decade later the well known nicotine patch was approved. Since then many other substances were found to be useful in a transdermal skin patch method.

The basic idea behind this delivery method is very simple and efficient. The vitamins, minerals or supplement is suspended in the sticky portion of the patch.

After it is applied to the body, the supplement permeates the multiple layers of skin in a slow and controlled manner eventually making it's way throughout the body for use. Since the skin is the largest organ, vitamin transdermal skin patches are very effective and useful.

By bypassing the stomach and it's acids and the first pass through the liver, the product on the patch goes right to work. This delivery method eliminates the need for handfuls of pills, wondering if you took them and any stomach discomfort you may have. So if you are looking for something efficient and easy to use, the transdermal skin patch is king.

5 Negative Effects of the Lack of Exercising

5 Negative Effects of the Lack of ExercisingStarting fitness routine and sticking to it is probably the hardest part of becoming healthy. As real life gets in the way with sickness, extra work at your job or family issues, staying active can become a chore. This is a common problem for many people and unfortunately it has dire consequences on your body and mind.

  1. Blood pressure increases

Exercise causes your blood pressure to rise. As you repeat daily fitness your resting blood pressure lowers and you become healthier. If a change occurs and you can't be physical, blood vessels adapt and in just 2 short weeks resting blood pressure starts to increase.

  1. Loss of muscle and increase in fat.

After only three days of skipping exercises a change will start to happen and not in a good way. Muscle mass will decrease and body fat will increase. As this happens you will lose strength and will become tired more easily.

  1. Metabolism and fat storage will increase.

If you are a daily gym goer or a consistent runner, stopping all of a sudden will slow metabolism and fat storage will increase. It only takes a few weeks for this to happen. In order to keep the weight down you will need to reduce calories and really be conscious of the types of foods you eat until you can get back on track with your physical fitness.

  1. Blood sugar will rise.

In less than 1 week without exercise blood sugar will rise. This can be a real problem for diabetics. Blood glucose rises after you eat, and without exercise the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues can pose a threat to your health.

  1. Mental outlook declines.

Anyone who exercises regularly knows that you always feel better after a good workout. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain to ward off depression. Missing workouts not only makes you weak it makes you unhappy.

The upside to all this negativity is, the benefits of exercise will return after a week or so back at it. Problems are always going to arise, just don't let exercise or your health be the victim.

More Medications Causing More Problems

More Medications Causing More ProblemsOn a daily basis, someone somewhere is taking part in scientific research to better our existence. Whether it is an environmental issue or finding a cure for disease, improving our time on this planet is crucial.

Since health and the human body is one of the most researched subjects, it's no surprise that prescription drugs and their effects are on the top of the most studied list.

It's safe to say that almost every American has had some type of medication prescribed by a doctor.

This has become almost a staple in the daily life of our existence in the modern day. Many drugs are safe and many are necessary for healthy living. The problem begins when medications start to compound and before you know it, a handful of bottles becomes the norm.

Research analysis of 2,000 patients aged 50 to 75 who took various numbers of medications were followed in periods of 2, 5, 8, and 11 years. The research set out to provide information about people taking 0-4 medications daily, 5-9 medications daily and finally 10 or more.

After adjusting for various differences in patients, research has shown that people taking 5 or more prescriptions daily were twice as likely to become frail and weak leading to disability and even death within 3 years.

Those individuals who took 4 or less medications had very little to no issues. However, information gathered has shown that side effects are often a problem while taking any multiples of medications.

These risks were increased greatly for people prescribed five or more daily medications. Ideally your doctor should consult with your pharmacist and a geriatrician to find the best regiment of medications for you as you age.

Regardless of age, many medications have interactions with each other and finding alternative remedies for our ailments is the best way to avoid health problems caused by the exact thing meant to help us.

The Truth About Common Fitness Myths – Top 3 Fitness Myths

The Truth About Common Fitness Myths – Top 3 Fitness MythsIt's common knowledge that everyone needs to be active and exercise everyday. Some people are die hard gym goers and some just like nice walk. Either one is good for your overall health but adding resistance or weight training can give you the extra boost you need. Many people have a misconception of lifting weights. Here are some myths that aren't really true at all.

  1. Building muscle is the same as bulking up.

Even though you hit the cardio like a madman, avoiding the weights is holding you back. Adding weights to your exercise routine will improve muscle strength, boost endurance and metabolism. For the average person lifting weights and eating good will result in a wonderfully toned body, not a bodybuilder physique.

  1. Light weight won't increase strength.

Most people think that you must lift as heavy as possible to improve muscle tone. What really matters is how hard you train and the fatigue your muscles endure. It's always best to get your form correct amount hen add weight as you feel comfortable with the movements. Lighter weight may take longer to fatigue your muscles but the results will come.

  1. Certain exercises will lengthen your muscles.

This is completely false. We are all born will the length of muscles we are going to have regardless of exercise type. Some exercises such as yoga or swimming will help burn body fat and give the illusion of longer leaner muscles but the actual length is the same. Either way, if you get the desired look and effects you strive for, you have accomplished your goals.

At least 30 minutes of exercise everyday is recommended. If you stick to a good routine, eat healthy, and get good sleep , the body you always wanted will be looking back at you in the mirror.

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