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Five Proven Ways To Overcome Depression Naturally

Five Proven Ways To Overcome Depression NaturallyDepression is a leading cause of self inflicted death around the world. Depression can be caused by the death of a loved one, a traumatic event, or genetics. Regardless of the reason, depression takes lives and leaves the living to wonder why. Too many times do patients find themselves in a doctors office looking for the cure to eliminate the blues and their reduced self worth. Generally an antidepressant is prescribed. Unfortunately the side effects comes with them. Before you jump right into a mind altering drug, try some natural ways to kick the sadness and boost your health in the process.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is the number one natural prescription for depression. Getting active releases endorphins making you happier and more fulfilled. It is literally a natural anti depressant.

  1. Quality diet

Eating foods high in omega-3 fatty acids and protein will boost your mood. Any fish such as salmon or tuna and protein such as turkey or chicken will do the trick.

  1. Avoid caffeine

I know that most people need that boost to get their morning going, but caffeine reduces serotonin levels making it more difficult to stay happy. Try adding L-Tyrosine instead. This will give you a gentle boost without jittery side effects and make you happy.

  1. Meditation

The next time that you feel depression setting in, try some meditation. Find a quiet dark place to sit and reflect on peacefulness and calm breathing to relax your mind. This will do wonders for your mood and general wellbeing over time.

  1. Talk with family or friends

Depression has a way of isolating its victims. This only makes the symptoms work. Try to talk with a close friend or relative about how you are feeling. This type of relief works by letting all of the negative feelings out.

No matter which remedy you use, make sure that you don't give up. Keeping the sad feelings bottled up only makes things worse in the end.

Easy Stress Reduction Techniques for a Healthy Life

Easy Stress Reduction Techniques for a Healthy Life As the years tick by and the decades pass, many issues in life cause negative impacts on our body and mind. Aging in general brings on many mental and physical problems that affect how we go through everyday life.

When we think of life problems, things like injuries, sickness or death of a loved one usually come to mind. These things are obvious and clear how they affect us. Unfortunately, one of the biggest threats to our health is stress. Stress comes in many forms and from many reasons.

Every day stress is involved in some part of our lives. Dealing with work problems, having enough money to pay bills or even an unfriendly neighbor. According to the World Health Organization, stress has been declared as the “health epidemic of the 21st century”. The side effects from stress can cause mental decline, cardiovascular issues and even cancer. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks to reducing and even eliminating stress from your life.

  1. Breathing in deeply through your nose, hold for a second then exhale through your mouth. Repeating this 3-5 times during a stressful situation will bring in oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. This will bring a calming and more focused feeling throughout your body.

  2. Squeezing your fists or a stress ball helps to eliminate anxiety and stress, making you more focused and relaxed.

  3. Reach for the cup of green tea instead of coffee. Coffee can cause nervousness and sleep problems because of the caffeine. Green tea is lower in caffeine and contains antioxidants that are beneficial for health.

  4. One of the most important ways to combat stress and benefit every aspect of your life is exercise. 20 minutes every day of physical activity will lower stress and produce a happy feeling that is sure to keep you going all day long.

Incorporating these few steps in your life will lower stress and make a happier, more productive you.

Ways to Boost Heart Health

Ways to Boost Heart HealthWithin the last half century, the rate of death caused by heart disease in the United States has dropped almost 70 percent. The death rate for stroke is also down by 80 percent. This is great news as the years go by and less heart attacks and strokes are claiming lives, but we still have a big fight on our hands. Even though the death rate is lower, cardiovascular disease is still a prevalent killer. Factors such as obesity and diabetes are actually on the rise. The only difference is the medical and pharmaceutical advancements. This is good for anyone that currently is having a specific issue, but living a life full of pills and medical procedures is not really living at all. The best solution to these health problems is prevention. This sounds, and sometimes is, easier said than done. However, with enough information and determination, changing your lifestyle for the better is something we can all do. Here are a few of the easiest lifestyle alterations you can do for a full happy life.

  1. Riding a bike 20 minutes everyday can keep heart problems on the sideline and give you energy to power through your day.

  2. Eating a few pieces of dark chocolate every day will help that sweet tooth and improve heart health. Dark chocolate has flavonoids that help keep our arteries flexible and prevents plaque from building up. Remember it must be dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is high in fat which causes cholesterol to increase.

  3. Taking Vitamin B Complex everyday decreases the possibility of a heart issue. Research has shown that B vitamins lower homocysteine levels. This resulted in a 40 percent less likely chance of heart disease. The subjects that took Vitamin B also had wider, free flowing blood vessels.

These are only a few lifestyle changes that will produce a healthier you. Adding a sensible diet and exercise to your daily routine will keep you happy and away from the hospital bed. You only have one chance at a good life so make it as healthy as you can.

4 Ways To Increase Collagen Production In Your Skin

4 Ways To Increase Collagen Production In Your SkinLooking younger is a priority for most people, including men as we age. It's hard enough living with the physical limitations that aging brings on, let alone looking just as tired.

The reason skin starts to lose its firmness and wrinkles set in is caused by a lack of collagen. Collagen is the most plentiful type of protein in the body. It's found in tendons, muscles, bones, and even the digestive system.

Unfortunately as we age our body produces less collagen causing visual cues of age as well as stiff joints.

Boosting collagen has been a path to looking younger for decades. Many creams claim to add collagen to their products to help the skin retain its youthful appearance. However, collagen does not have the capability of permeating deep enough into the skin to give much of a benefit. This doesn't mean that all is lost. Add certain dietary supplements and certain real foods will help boost collagen levels naturally. Here are a few ways to get back that smooth, bouncy skin that you had in your youth.

  1. Vitamin C: Since the body can not produce its own Vitamin C, adding a supplement or real foods high in this vitamin will help protect the skin and produce more collagen.

  2. Hyaluronic Acid: This compound is found in amino acids rich foods such as soy and beans. Whether consumed in real food or supplement form, a boost in natural levels of collagen can be the result.

  3. Aloe Vera Gel: Most commonly used for burns or rashes on the skin, Aloe Vera has been shown to aid in a more youthful appearance. Used in oral form, aloe sterols doubled the collagen production in participants along with reducing visually wrinkles of the skin.

  4. Retinol: This antioxidant is also a collagen booster for the skin. Along with boosting levels, Retinol blocks collagen destroying enzymes, making this a one-two punch in the anti-aging fight.

Since everyone is different, trying all avenues of looking younger is a must. Either way, added quality foods will make you feel better and we generally look as good as we feel.

Effects from Stopping Exercise

Effects from Stopping Exercise - Muscle LossWorking out and staying fit is necessary for everyone to boost health and wellness. Whether you are the occasional walker or are the devoted fitness guru in the gym everyday, something is bound to arise that keeps you from exercising. Taking a break every now and again is beneficial.

This prevents burn out and prevents injury. Have you ever wondered how long you can go without exercising before you start to lose your gains? Whether an injury puts you on the sidelines or a busy life schedule prevents normal exercise, the benefits from being physical start to decline after 1.5-2 weeks without fitness.

Cardio output, workload and Vo2 max decline after 2 weeks. In fact, Vo2 max, the measurement of how much oxygen is used, drops 20 percent in these first 2 weeks. For the average person this isn't that crucial, but for competition athletes this can be the difference in winning or not placing at all.

After about 3 weeks without lifting, muscle mass falls victim to atrophy causing you to lose the strength and fitness in your physique. In general most athletes can take a break from exercise for about 4 weeks before speed, power, and coordination starts to be affected.

As with many side effects, age plays a vital role in how time out of the gym will affect the body. Since older people already have lost some of the natural muscle size and strength, time off from exercise hits them a little harder.

Just because you are kept away from exercise for a period doesn't mean all of your hard work is lost. Muscle has memory and within a couple of weeks back at it, you will look and feel like your new self again.

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