Pregnenolone Supplement For Adrenal Fatigue

Why Pregnenolone Supplement Is The Best For Adrenal Fatigue

Before delving into the use of pregnenolone supplement for adrenal fatigue, it is necessary to discuss what adrenal fatigue is. Adrenal fatigue is quite difficult to identify by a lot of medical doctors so they say adrenal fatigue is an imaginary medical condition.

The adrenal glands produce hormones. At least that has been proved scientifically. One of the hormones produced by the adrenal glands is cortisol. This hormone helps the body to deal with stress. However, when the stress becomes too much for cortisol to control, the glands may stop producing hormones. This will lead to several symptoms. These symptoms are collectively known as adrenal fatigue symptoms.

However, some diseases can cause the adrenal glands to stop working normally or to stop producing hormones as they should. One of such diseases is Addison’s disease. This is more common because it can be tested and identified by medical practitioners. Some of the causes of Addison’s disease are Tuberculosis (TB), AIDS and Cancer.

Using pregnenolone supplement for adrenal fatigue syndrome is about the best step towards curbing the condition. This is because pregnenolone helps to bring all other hormones into balance. Apart from that, pregnenolone supplement also curbs the major symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Some of the conditions that pregnenolone supplement curbs are insomnia, concentration problems, nervousness, general body fatigue, headaches, craving for sweets or candies, brain fog, hypoglycemia and even depression.

During the earliest stage of adrenal fatigue, the amount of cortisol secreted shoots up drastically and too much cortisol in the body is as harmful as inadequate cortisol. Pregnenolone will either minimize the effect of too much cortisol in the body or prevent it completely.

Pregnenolone also carries out a protective function in the brain. So, it prevents brain cells from being harmed by adrenal fatigue or by the effects of too much cortisol in the body. These calming effects collectively reduce the production of cortisol into the body.

Another way by which Pregnenolone supplement helps is by being converted to either DHEA or progesterone and both hormones also have protective functions in the body. Pregnenolone supplement promotes proper functioning of thyroid and other glands. It is believed that more health benefits of Pregnenolone will be discovered as time goes on.

You might want to know how the supplement is made. Pregnenolone supplement is actually made from some kind of wild yams that are grown in some southern areas of the United States and in some parts of Mexico. The supplement has similar molecules to the body-produced Pregnenolone.

Some manufacturers present diosgenin to you as Pregnenolone. This is because it can be converted to Pregnenolone in the lab. You should reject it as the body does not have any enzyme that can do the conversion. So, diosgenin remains what it is in the body. Although it may not harm you, it will not perform any of the functions of Pregnenolone.

Despite its usefulness, Pregnenolone has some side effects that should be considered. First of all, high dosage of the supplement leads to irritability. If not curbed, it may lead to aggression. Since aggression and anger are always together, it is not out of place to say anger is another side effect of the supplement. Acne is another side effect. There are a few other side effects too.


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Pregnenolone Supplement For Adrenal Fatigue Pregnenolone Supplement For Adrenal Fatigue Pregnenolone Supplement For Adrenal Fatigue

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