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Tips On How To Take DHEA And Pregnenolone

DHEA and Pregnenolone are two different hormones. They are both precursors to the secretion of several other hormones. They are relationship is that Pregnenolone is a precursor to the production of DHEA. However, DHEA is not the only hormone initiated by Pregnenolone. It also initiates the secretion of other important hormones like cortisone, estrogen and testosterone.

Due to the benefits of these hormones, many people have resulted to their supplements. Using Pregnenolone supplements may be able to initiate the production of the hormone by the body but it won’t lead to the production of the other hormones to which Pregnenolone is a precursor.

To get the best result of both DHEA and Pregnenolone, you need to take the following tips seriously.

Seek the advice of your doctor before taking either

It is important to seek professional guidance from your doctor before taking either Pregnenolone or DHEA. This is because both supplements sometimes have serious side effects. Some of their side effects are breast swelling, hair loss and the worst of all, liver damage. In addition, Pregnenolone also decreases the effectiveness of some drugs.

Do not take both of them together

If you take both of them together, you might not know how each of them affects you. One may be far more beneficial than the other and one of them may have a side effect. So it is better to know exactly how your body reacts to each of the supplements separately.

Call your doctor when you notice any side effects

Due to the fact that these two supplements are known for several side effects, you have to be very observant when taking any of them. Once you notice any unusual health issue, you should call your doctor immediately. Some of the side effects to watch out for are hormonal imbalance, irregular heartbeat, acne or even insomnia.

Some people are allergic to either of the two supplements and you may never know if you are also allergic to either of them except you take them. Some common allergic issues with the supplements are difficulty in breathing, swollen throat and itching.

Avoid the ingredient called Diosgenin

Before taking any of the supplements, you should take the time to read the label to check the active ingredients. Once you see any ingredient like Diosgenin, you should reject such supplements. A lot of manufacturers make use of the substance because it changes to Pregnenolone and DHEA in lab tests so it is believed that it will do same in the human body. That has proved to be an erroneous belief. It only changes in lab tests it does not change in the body. So, it should be stated in the label that the active ingredient is Pregnenolone or DHEA before you buy it.

Don’t take supplements for long

Supplements are meant to reignite the natural production of certain hormones. So when you take supplements for some time, you stop for natural production of the particular hormones to start. If you keep taking the supplements when natural production should have kicked off, it will become counter-productive as the supplements will begin to inhibit what they should activate.

In conclusion, DHEA and Pregnenolone have a lot of benefits as long as you take them with the necessary precautions.


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