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Growth hormone or GH is a stress hormone. The name somatropin also knows it. It is a peptide hormone, and it stimulates the growth, regeneration, and reproduction of cells in people and animals. This hormone is essential to proper growth and development. GH is specific to certain kinds of cells in the human body. It has 191-amino acids. It is a single chain polypeptide. It is synthesized, secreted and stored in a particular kind of cell in the lateral part of the pituitary gland. This is in the anterior pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain. When the hormone is released, it triggers the release of a second hormone (IGF-1) or insulin-like growth factor-1 from the liver. Together with the growth hormone, the bones, muscles and other tissues and organs are then triggered to grow by adding more cells.


Hormones are our messengers. They are produced in one part of the body and create change when they move to another part of the body. The hormone tells certain parts of the body what to do and when to do it.


With growth hormone deficiency there are a few symptoms. One thing is that the growth will be slower than usual. The amounts of muscle, bone and body fat are reduced, and the body is unable to maintain the proper balance between these. In adults, the deficiency of growth hormone can cause tiredness and a lack of motivation as well as emotional symptoms. It can affect the cholesterol in adults. You can buy our growth hormone through Ageforce and start to feel better today.!

This can be either present at birth or an acquired disorder. In children, the child will have delayed tooth development and onset of puberty. In adults, there is very little energy, decreased exercise tolerance, and muscle mass. Also a form of depression and anxiety that causes social behavior changes. The skin gets thinner as well.


The drug somatropin is prescribed to children that growth disorders and also to adults that have a growth hormone deficiency. Some doctors have prescribed it for their patients who are elderly and GH-1 deficient. This is done to improve their vitality. Growth hormone is very complicated and the benefits are significant. Some of the benefits are that it can increase calcium retention which makes the bones stronger. It also increases muscle mass. The athletes and bodybuilders have used it for many years.  It can improve their performance and strength. It increases protein synthesis and promotes lipolysis. It is believed to stimulate the growth of all the internal organs except the brain. It also reduces the glucose uptake of the liver and encourages gluconeogenesis and boosts the immune system.


Here at AgeForce, you can buy growth hormones that will deliver 25mg of the growth hormone through the skin. Because it is time released, the medication is absorbed continuously throughout the day. This will help to balance the growth hormone level in the blood and increase the benefits.

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