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HGH, Testosterone Booster, Resveratrol, DHEA, Melatonin, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Fat Burning & Libido Enhancing Supplements With Directly To Bloodstream Transdermal Patch Delivery

Phase4 Pharmaceutical /AgeForce® is a research and development pharmaceutical manufacturer of 15 transdermal dietary supplements to include; Testosterone Booster, HGH Supplements, and Fat Burning Supplements, all delivered directly to the bloodstream via advanced transdermal time-release patches, that are formulated and manufactured in the USA to assure quality, safety, and performance.

Why Supplements Delivered With Transdermal Time-Release Patches Are Better Than Oral Supplements

Oral supplements, released into the stomach's digestive acids, are less effective than transdermal patchesTransdermal patches, delivered directly through the bloodstream, are more effective than oral supplementsWith transdermal time-release patch supplements 100% of the formula is delivered directly to your bloodstream, unlike orally ingested supplements that are broken down by digestive acid and then metabolized by the bacteria in your gut, the cells in your intestine, and of course your liver – the gatekeeper between the intestines and the general blood circulation. With transdermal time-release patches, the controlled time-release of the supplement formula thru the skin and into the bloodstream allows your system to metabolize the formula nutrients more efficiently and completely.

AgeForce HGH patch3000 times more HGHOur HGH PowerPatch® patch has over 5,000 times more HGH (Somatropin) than all other HGH supplements or sublingual HGH oral sprays! Our HGH patch is formulated for men & women working hard to achieve the highest levels of fitness and health!

AgeForce Testosterone Booster PatchTesto/100® Testosterone patch is the only Testosterone booster with D-Aspartic Acid Androstenetrione, and Stinging Nettle Root. Build Muscle, Increase Libido and Sexual Performance, Fitness and Energy!

Weight Loss PatchNew
Our weight loss patch that works, with our proprietary formula with 7-Keto DHEA, T2, & Tyr-Somatostatin burns body fat without strict diets or exercise, and just as important, keeps new body fat off for ongoing weight management!

ResveratrolNewObesity, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Longevity – Trans-Resveratrol has been shown to help with all of them. And unlike the less than 1% delivery rate of oral supplements, our patch delivers 100% of its dose of pharmaceutical grade Trans-Resveratrol through your skin to your bloodstream.

DHEA Supplement PatchThe Liver rejects or destroys DHEA taken orally! Our time-release patch delivers the optimum dose for men or women directly to the bloodstream, which eliminates the first-pass degradation with oral DHEA.

Allergy ReliefNew
This multi-function allergy relief patch prevents allergy attacks and provides seasonal allergy relief. Unlike oral allergy relief supplements this 8-hour time-release patch delivers 24/7 relief of allergy related symptoms.

Melatonin Supplement PatchAn advanced time-release Melatonin patch plus a GABA complex to assure quality continuous sleep and many other health and fitness benefits to include headache relief, anti-aging, a wonderful anti-oxidant, Alzheimer’s and so much more!

Ready NowFormulated for daily use with extra patches included for that “special occasion”. Our formula delivers the same benefits as prescription pills for Male Erectile Dysfunction (ED) by increasing blood flow for 8-hours and limiting blood out-flow.

Amino AcidWe’ve formulated 9 essential Amino Acids in very specific clinically proven ratios to elevate physical performance, protein synthesis, speed healing & recovery, and reverse age-related muscle wasting, with our time-release transdermal patch.

Homeopathic  HGH patchThis new HGH ExtraStrength Patch with an exclusive Amino Acid complex is a homeopathic booster that delivers 400% more HGH than any other homeopathic patch or spray brand.

Vitamin B ComplexThis is the most complete and effective B Complex supplement on the market! It contains a full spectrum of B vitamins, and the formula contains the most advanced forms of B-12, B6, and Folic Acid.

Coenzyme Q10 & Omega 3We’ve combined, Coenzyme Q10 & Omega-3 fatty acids, two of the most important dietary supplements for health and fitness, into one convenient affordable patch with our proprietary direct to bloodstream time-release delivery.

MultivitaminMulti-Direct® is an advanced daily vitamin and antioxidant supplement. Unlike oral multivitamins that are degraded by digestive stomach acids, each daily Multi-Direct® patch delivers 100% of each vitamin dosage directly to your bloodstream!

10-hour Energy Patch Twice the energy of any other energy booster at half the price! Each 10-Hour Time-Release Energy Patch delivers 10-hours of safe sustained energy, and our exclusive natural formula provides many other health and fitness benefits.

Creatine  PatchAnother AgeForce® First! - A Creatine patch + Beta- Alanine that makes mixing powdered drinks and pills obsolete! This transdermal patch delivers more Creatine to the bloodstream and muscle groups than any other oral Creatine supplement brand!

Nitric Oxide SupplementThis is the most powerful Nitric Oxide booster! The time-release transdermal patch promotes awesome NOX levels & pump during your workout without the long digestive system delays associated with oral supplements.

Feminine Libido EnhancerOxytocin and DHEA and 8 other wonderful arousal supplements work to promote female libido, sexual vitality, emotional bonding, love and trust with your partner. Our time-release patch ensures that you’re ready for that special time.

HGH Supplements, DHEA Supplement And Natural Sleep Aids With Melatonin and GABA For Sleep

Time release patches for fat burning and weight loss resultsPeople have been swallowing tablets, capsules and mixed powdered dietary supplement drinks forever. But 21st century science and the advances in transdermal time-release patches, there is a much better way to get the full health and fitness benefits of good dietary supplement formulas? Medical and fitness professionals worldwide, and tens of thousands of clinical trials all support the many important benefits of direct to bloodstream delivery of transdermal time-release patches which unlike supplements taken orally, deliver 100% of the supplement's dosage strength directly to one's bloodstream.

AgeForce® is a Pharmaceutical research and development company manufacturing advanced transdermal time-release dietary supplement patches. We offer a 15 advanced transdermal supplements including HGH supplementstestosterone booster, fat burning supplement, melatonin supplements, and DHEA supplement.

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Why Patches Are Better

AgeForceRead what happens when you swallow any dietary supplement versus transdermal direct to bloodstream delivery with time-release patches.

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